It is the mission of the educators in the Health and Physical Education department to maximize your child's potential. We seek to accomplish this through the knowledge of how the human body works and how that knowledge can help us optimize our health and wellness.

The Health and PE department offers a curriculum that supports life-long healthy living. These include Health and Physical Education for freshmen, as well as a Strength and Conditioning track that begins as freshmen.

Additionally, Strength and Conditioning electives are offered, as well as an Athletic Training class offered junior or senior year. Clicking on the course list and pathways below will describe the courses offered and pathways.

Nationally recognized Strength and Conditioning Program and electives

Highly-trained, caring educators with advanced degrees and certifications

4 years of opportunities in Health, PE, Strength and Conditioning and Athletic Training

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Physical education students have the opportunity to lead...

... in prayer, flexibility, team leadership and multiple activities.

New, state of the art, functional weight room serving the entire Gibbons community

"The opportunity to work at Cardinal Gibbons is a blessing. The educators and students strive for excellence. This environment coupled with the the ability to share my faith; it's the best job I have ever had."

- Bill Liedy, HPE Chair, Assistant Athletic Director, Associate Head Football Coach