The Mathematics Department at Cardinal Gibbons High School believes in providing all students with the mathematical knowledge, skills, and confidence they will need to be college and career ready. The development of problem-solving skills is a major goal of our mathematics program. Students will communicate their thinking numerically, graphically and algebraically. Teachers will encourage students to question one another when an explanation doesn't make sense to them. Our goal in the mathematics department is to enable students to take greater responsibility for their own learning, to develop essential communication and decision-making skills, and to understand the fundamental concepts of mathematics, all of which will be critically important to them in any field of study.

Our courses are designed to give students the skills and knowledge required for their future. Algebraic, geometric, and statistical thinking and applied mathematics are essential for all students, and to that end, we teach our first three years of math in a sequence that integrates those concepts. Cardinal Gibbons High School aligns our curriculum with the Diocese of Raleigh Catholic Schools’ curriculum standards, which in turn align with the NC State Math Standards.

Students teach each other in cooperative groups.

Math in the Morning

7:15-7:50 daily,
if you have questions,
we have the answers! Teachers from the department will be available each morning to help students who drop in with questions.

Rooms vary, so see the schedules listed in the math hall.


Math is everywhere. We found this inverse trig relation and the quadratic function in a water feature.

Jen Cipriano and Leah Iyer have been on both sides of a CGHS desk

When I decided to pursue a career in education, I hoped that one day I would be able to come back and teach at Gibbons, but I never dreamed that the opportunity would present itself immediately after graduation. My teachers here were a huge part of the reason that I decided to become a teacher in the first place, so being able to come back to Gibbons and follow in their footsteps (and teach beside many of them now!) has been an incredible experience. I am so grateful for the four years that I had here as a student, and I hope that I can provide my students the same love, encouragement, and support that I was blessed with back then.
Jen Cipriano '04

I loved my time here at Cardinal Gibbons as a student. My teachers cared for me and challenged me to be my best, which inspired me to want to give back in the same way. Cardinal Gibbons is a family, and coming back here as a teacher, I knew I was coming back home. It is such a blessing to be a teacher at my alma mater and to be a part of continuing the traditions and atmosphere I loved so much as a student.
Leah Iyer '08