Social Studies

The Social Studies curriculum at Cardinal Gibbons High School includes the following required courses: World Geography in Grade 9, World History in Grade 10, U.S. History in Grade 11, and U. S. Government and Economics in Grade 12. In addition, elective courses in Psychology and Sociology are offered. Honors and advanced placement levels are offered in World History, U.S. History, and U.S. Government.

Welcome to the Social Studies Department, where the social sciences reside and where history comes to life.
The Social Studies Program focuses on the processes of critical thinking, problem solving and historical analysis. Through its several disciplines, the program seeks to educate the whole person in a changing society by offering a curriculum which reflects a balance between the study of past cultures and a consideration of contemporary humanity and the global community.

”The Social Studies courses I have taken at Cardinal Gibbons High School have introduced me to ancient and contemporary cultures that I had no previous knowledge about. I found World History and AP U.S. History particularly interesting because they connected patterns over time, both positive and negative. Whether it be the continuous conflicts, the fall of great civilizations, or the rise of new powers, the human race has an amusing way of repeating the past. “ Natalie Bretzius '17

Mr. Jim Liebler has been a teacher at Cardinal Gibbons since the fall of 1997. During that time, he has taught World History, US Government, Economics and Economics Honors. He has been the Social Studies Dept. Head since the fall of 2014. Mr. Liebler is also coach Liebler. He is the longest tenured coach in the Gibbons athletic department, presiding over 23 seasons as the varsity baseball coach, recording his 300th win in the 2016 campaign. “Cardinal Gibbons is a model school. I can’t think of a better endorsement than the love I observe on a daily basis that the students display for the school, each other and their educators. It is a privilege to be part of this community.”