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Green/Gold and Bell Schedules
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Back to School

Cardinal Gibbons is returning to school in Plan B: Hybrid with students having the option to remain at home with 100% distance learning.

See the Google Doc of Hybrid and Distance Learning Expectations for Students for more details. 

UPDATE: Check out this Back to School Cheat Sheet for Students for bell schedule and first two weeks of green/gold in one handy spot! Thanks, Mrs. Barkan!

Please note: Information in this Google Doc and in this post will update and change to reflect the most recent edits/information.

Green/Gold Calendar

Students were split into two groups: Green and Gold. When one group is on campus, the other is distance learning. All students follow the same basic schedule every day.

First two weeks
Sophomore Welcome Day - Monday, August 17
Green-C - Tuesday, August 18
Green-G - Wednesday, August 19
Gold-H - Thursday, August 20
Gold-S - Friday, August 21

NO SCHOOL - August 24
Green-C - Tuesday, August 25
Green-G - Wednesday, August 26
Gold-H - Thursday, August 27
Gold-S - Friday, August 28

Bell Schedule

The bell schedule is the same every day and all students, on-campus and distance learning, follow the same basic schedule, with lunch periods varying slightly.

The main things that change each day are the group which is on-campus (Green/Gold) and which classes take place that day.

Periods 1-4 (lunch during period 3, first or second portion) = Green-C or Gold-H day.

Periods 8-5 (lunch during period 6, first or second portion) = Green-G or Gold-S day.

  Green-C Green-G Gold-H Gold-S
Bell Schedule Period Period Period Period
8:00-9:15 a.m. 1 8 1 8
9:15-9:30 a.m. Transition* Transition* Transition* Transition*
9:30-9:50 a.m. Advisory Advisory Advisory Advisory
9:50-10:05 a.m. Transition* Transition* Transition* Transition*
10:05-11:20 a.m. 2 7 2 7
11:20-11:35 a.m. Transition* Transition* Transition* Transition*
11:35 a.m.-1:35 p.m. 3/Lunch** 6/Lunch** 3/Lunch** 6/Lunch**
1:35-1:50 p.m. Transition* Transition* Transition* Transition*
1:50 p.m.-3:05 p.m. 4 5 4


3:05 p.m. Transition*** Transition*** Transition*** Transition***

Transition between class periods - Groups A, B and C

Group Rotation Location Rain Location
Group A Campus Green/Piazza Front lobby/Mission Wall
Group B Pavilion/Rear Drive Main Gym
Group C Directly to class N/A

To avoid congregating in the hallways, at the Transition period bell, each of the Transition Groups (A, B and C) moves directly to its designated location according to the following order.

Group A goes to the front of the school (Campus Green/Piazza), Group B to the rear of the school (Pavilion/Rear Drive) and Group C goes directly to its next class.

Transition Time Rotation Order
9:15-9:30 a.m. A-B-C
9:50-10:05 a.m. A-B-C
11:20-11:35 a.m. A-B-C
1:35-1:50 p.m. A-B-C
3:05 p.m. A-B-C

The order is consistent throughout the day for simplicity.

Students will clean spaces when waiting for transition time. Classroom educator cleans area for next educator.

Lunch periods

Lunch periods occur during periods 3 and 6, either in the first or second portion of the period, so that students and educators can each have time for lunch during that period. See this Google Doc to look up a student's lunch assignment, by class.

First lunch = 11:35-12:20 - First lunch students leave transition from Period 2 directly to lunch. First lunch students go directly to class at the 12:20 p.m. bell.

Second lunch = 12:50-1:35 - Second lunch students are dismissed for lunch at the 12:50 bell. At 1:35, students in Transition Groups A and B go to their designated locations. Students in Transition Group C go to their class at C transition time.

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