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Updated - Academics during Plan B: Hybrid Details and Forms
Gibbons Academics

Updated on October 14

Cardinal Gibbons returned to school in August 2020 under the Plan B: Hybrid plan with students having the option to remain at home under Plan C: 100% Distance Learning. See the Remote Learning home page for all the latest information.

Also see the Google Doc of Hybrid and Distance Learning Expectations for Students.

Students have the option to switch between plans; however, students do NOT need to switch plans unless they intend to commit to 100% distance learning for more than two weeks. In these cases, students may join their classes remotely for up to two weeks before needing to submit the Academic Plan Change form should they choose to stay home longer than those two weeks.

Green/Gold Groups and On-Campus Schedule

In August, students were split into two groups, Green and Gold, with only one group on-campus at one time. When one group is on campus, the other is distance learning.

Groups were balanced so that the numbers of students on campus was roughly even, for the health and safety of students and educators. 

All students follow the same basic schedule every day, whether they are on-campus or remote.

Students may come to campus late or leave campus early during their Flex period but parents must report their student's late arrival or early dismissal to the Attendance Office using this online form.

Bell Schedule - Updated on October 14, begins October 19

The bell schedule is the same every day and all students, on-campus and distance learning, follow the same basic schedule, with lunch periods varying slightly.

The main things that change each day are the group which is on-campus (Green/Gold) and which classes take place that day.

Periods 1-4 (lunch during period 3, first or second portion) = Green-C or Gold-H day.

Periods 8-5 (lunch during period 6, first or second portion) = Green-G or Gold-S day.

Lunch periods - Updated on October 14, begins October 19

Lunch periods occur during periods 3 and 6, either in the first or second portion of the period, so that students and educators can each have time for lunch during that period. See this Google Doc to look up a student's lunch assignment, by class.

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