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Cardinal Gibbons students excel in a variety of disciplines, including academics, the arts, and athletics. Check out all the ways they make Gibbons Great!

NHS Inductees

National Honor Society Inductees

On a recent Sunday afternoon, the Cardinal Gibbons chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS) welcomed its newest members during an annual induction ceremony attended by family and friends.

Some 257 juniors and seniors participated in the September 29 ceremony, which took place in the Fr. Price Gymnasium and featured alumna Katherine Gora Combs’15  as guest speaker. Combs is working on a Masters of Public Health in health behavior at the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health.

In her speech, Combs told inductees that they were selected for their “potential to grow and excel and that their NHS induction was “only the beginning.”  

“Push yourself to make the most of every opportunity. Find your focus and give that focus all you’ve got,” she told the students. Congratulations on such a wonderful accomplishment. We can’t wait to see where your journey takes you.” Read her entire speech.  

The National Honor Society recognizes outstanding high school students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character, the society’s four tenets. According to its website, NHS helps students get ready for their futures by preparing them for college and beyond. To that end, Gibbons offers students myriad chances to develop their talents and skills further by becoming involved in school activities, community service, and leadership opportunities.

Sunday’s induction ceremony included a candle-lighting service. During it, a club officer spoke about each of the society’s four tenets before lighting the candle representing that quality. The students who spoke were: president Emma Colavecchio’20, scholarship; vice president Noelle Daley, service; secretary Sylvia Murray ’20, leadership; and head marshal Audrey Smith ’20, character. 

The ceremony ended with a closing prayer by college counseling coordinator Kristin Edrington ’05. She together with math educator Genevieve Donahue are NHS advisers.

Of the ceremony Edrington said: “It is an honor to serve as an adviser to the National Honor Society at Gibbons. It was so wonderful to be a part of a really exciting and meaningful ceremony for both the students and families.”

Cardinal Gibbons congratulates all inductees on their achievement and wishes them continued success. View list of the inductees.

National Art Winners

National Scholastic Art Winners


We are excited to announce that three Cardinal Gibbons student-artists recently earned national recognition in the 2019 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Program.

Anna Palmtag ’20 received a national gold medal for Don’t Look, her drawing and illustration. The other two national honorees received silver medals for their work. Roman Karoly ’19 won a medal for each of two digital art pieces – A Piece of History and Space Flowers - and Lauren Miller ’20 won for her mixed media piece, That Which Lingers.

As the recipient of the program’s top award, Anna will be heading to New York City to be recognized during a ceremony for national gold medal awardees on June 6 at Carnegie Hall. Anna’s piece also will be exhibited in one of two galleries in mid-town Manhattan.

The silver medalists will be recognized on the program’s national website.


National Scholastic Art Winners 2019.

Congratulations to all three students! Pictured, left to right, Lauren Miller, Roman Karoly, and Anna Palmtag, with Fine Arts Educator Rebecca Dason, far right.

Scholastic Art Awards

Gold Key

Gold Key/Eastern/Central North Carolina Scholastic Art Awards for 2018-2019

Teacher: Rebecca Dason
1.  Susannah Richart
2. Susannah Richart
3. Faith Hicks
4. Alexandra Ford
5. Jenna Wood
6. Isabella Dalessio-Skare, Edward C. Brown Award
7. Anna Palmtag
8. Lauren Miller
9.  Payton Kaeding
10. Anna Palmtag
11. Lauren Miller
12. Anna Palmtag
13. Spencer Whalen
14. Madeline Thompson
15. Roman Karoly
16. Roman Karoly
Teacher: Rebecca Dason
Teacher: Chris Kemple
17.   Roman Karoly
Teacher: Jennifer Harrison
18.  Lucas Hozza


Silver Key

Silver Key
Eastern/Central North Carolina Scholastic Art Awards for 2018-2019
Teacher: Rebecca Dason
1.  Isabella Dalessio-Skare, Portfolio
2.  Kyle Duerr
3.  Jordan Isley
4.  Payton Kaeding
5.  Payton Kaeding
6.  Roman Karoly
7.  Amy Lawson
8.  Amy Lawson
9.  Lauren Miller
10.  Anna Palmtag
11.  Susannah Richart
12. Susannah Richart
13. Spencer Whalen
Teacher: Jennifer Harrison
14.   Samantha Rectenwald
15.   Cecilia Scales





Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention
Eastern/Central North Carolina Scholastic Art Awards for 2018-2019
Teacher: Chris Kemple
1.  Garett Hozza
Teacher: Darsey Williams
2.       Bridget Volpe
Teacher: Jennifer Harrison
3.       Emma Kruger
4.       Isaac Bretherton
5.       Michael Austin
6.       Joseph Wujek
7.       Noelle Daley
8.       Alana Kirsch
Teacher: Jennifer Harrison
Teacher: Darsey Williams
9.       Olivia Parker
Teacher: Rebecca Dason
10.   Kathleen Duffy
11.   Kathleen Duffy
12.   Alexandra Ford
13.   Alexandra Ford
14.   Alexandra Ford
15.   Amy Lawson
16.   Payton Kaeding
17.   Isabella Dalessio-Skare
18.   Andrew Tracy
19.   Payton Kaeding
20.   Anna Palmtag
21.   Spencer Whalen
22.   Laia Torrent Frugis
23.   Laia Torrent Frugis
24.   Roman Karoly
25.   Roman Karoly

NC Honors Orchestra

NC Honors Orchestra

Cardinal Gibbons is excited to announce that Nathan Hagan ’22 has secured a seat with the 2019 North Carolina State Honors Orchestra - a first for our school.  As a result of that recognition Hagan, a cellist, will perform in November with the orchestra, one of the most prestigious ensembles for high school musicians.

Hagan was one of 86 cellists who auditioned last spring for the North Carolina Eastern Regional Orchestra and was selected as third chair when he was just a freshman. Securing enough points with that audition, he was among the top 16 students in the state chosen for the North Carolina Honors Orchestra.

The performance will take place on November 11, at the North Carolina School of the Arts’ Stevens Center for the Performing Arts in Winston Salem.

Hagan, who has been playing cello since he was in the third grade, was both excited and astonished when he learned he had been selected.

“It was pretty cool, and I was super excited,” Hagan said of being the first Gibbons musician to receive the honor. “Honestly, I didn’t think that I would make it.”

But now that he did make it, Hagan said, “it will be fun to play with other musicians who share my interest. It will be a great experience.”

Gibbons String Orchestra Director Andy Hawks agreed, noting that Hagan has more than earned the honor. Additionally, he said: “With our students’ achievements at the state and national levels such as the North Carolina State Honors Orchestra, it raises the bar for engagement and enriches our culture by having a Gibbons presence among the best musicians in the state and country.”

At Gibbons, however, you can hear Hagan play with fellow student musicians and theology educator Mark DeLaRosa at most Thursday morning Masses in the Queen of All Saints Chapel. Additionally, he will perform at the free string ensemble concert at Gibbons on October 8 at 6:30 p.m. in the Mainstage Theater.

Until then, click on the link below to hear Hagan, on cello, playing “Concerto Grosso No. 7, Allegro,”  with Gabriella Ercolino ’20 and Josh Bermudez ’20, both on violin.

Congratulations, Nathan!


Congratulations to Nathan Hagan '22, a cellist, who has secured a seat with the 2019 NC State Honors Orchestra, with Gibbons String Orchestra Director Andy Hawks.


Nathan Hagan '22, on cello, playing “Concerto Grosso No. 7, Allegro,”  with Gabriella Ercolino ’20 and Josh Bermudez ’20, both on violin. .

National Merit

National Merit Semifinalists

Cardinal Gibbons is proud to announce that four seniors have been named semifinalists in the 2020 National Merit Scholarship Program. They are Emma Colavecchio., Marco Tan, Harris Upchurch, and Archer Zureich.

In 2018, approximately 1.6 million high school juniors sat for the PSAT in hopes of being considered for a National Merit Scholarship. The National Merit Scholarship then selected the highest performing students at each school.

“Of those 1.6 million students, four of our very own have been named semifinalists in the 2020 National Merit Scholarship Program and will now continue on to be considered as a finalist,” said Gibbons College Counselor Nicole Kuhns.

Gibbons also congratulates ten other seniors who were named commended students in the program. They are Kyle Duerr, Johann Galilea, Jessica Hawkins, Lucas Hurley, Emerson Kirby, Kendall McClellan, Lauren Miller, Molly Pennisi, Jackson Reed, and Stephen Vorobiov. 

Here’s what each of our four semifinalists said when asked how they felt after being named a semifinalist.

“I was thrilled and appreciative of the opportunities that allowed me not only to receive this honor but what I received from this honor,” said Emma Colavecchio.

“I was happy that I qualified and excited to learn about the program,” said Marco Tan.

“I was very excited and felt very honored,” said Harris Upchurch.

“I felt a sense of accomplishment and achievement of my hard work,” said Archer Zureich

Kuhns said having four semifinalists and ten commended students reflect our rigorous academic program and the commitment and focus of these students.  “As important,” she added, “they contribute to the mission and vision of our school.”




Four seniors recogized as National Merit Semifinalists in 2019.

Congratulations to our semifinalists - pictured, left to right, Harris Upchurch, Emma Colavecchio, Archer Zureich, and Marco Tan - and to our commended students.

College Commitment

Athletics National Letter of Intent Signing

Chapel Bartee
Wofford College, Equestrian

Jalen Brooks
United States Military Academy (Army), Football

Jacob Bruce:
Davidson College, Football

Nicholas Frey
Colgate University, Football

Holima Kaikai
Wingate University, Football

David Mason, III
Butler University, Football

Mary McGowan
Davidson College, Women’s Cross Country/Track & Field

Mason Middleton
University of Mary Washington, Rugby

Jeffrey Nalesnik
Wingate University, Football

Caroline Todd
United States Military Academy (Army), Women’s Cross Country/Track & Field


Some of the ten student-athletes who signed letters of intent to play in college.

Some of the student-athletes who signed college commitments  at the recent signing ceremony.

Leadership Legacy Celebration for Jason Curtis

Honor Roll 2019

Class of 2019

Honor Roll A

Olivia Adams

Gabrielle Andux

Christopher Bain

Allison Baumgartner

Carter Bilbro

Adam Bloebaum

Sean Cleary

Brian Davis

Catherine Denisowski

Emily Duerr

Caitlin Ferguson

James Gbruoski

Frances Gillespie

Katherine Girouard

Michael Hensgen

Francisco Irizarry

Peter Jackson

Payton Kaeding

Mitchell Kisaberth

Amy Lawson

Sophie Marcom

Katherine McCarthy

Rachel Metzinger

Alexandra Middleton

Mary Monti

Mihir Nagaraj

Nwadinso Oguama

Henry Osborne

Nicholas Osborne

Maria Palmtag

Olivia Parker

Morgan Pirozzi

Katharine Priu

Ryan Rabil

Austin Reiss

Susannah Richart

Elizabeth Riddick

Kate Sabiston

Eva Salmon

Ciera Spangler

Cole Stewart

Madeline Thompson

Julia Tonn

Mohan William

Alexandra Yarashevich


Honor Roll A/B

Garrett Abdalla

Catherine Allen

Mary Anglum

Margaret Ashness

Madeleine Bachand

Adam Baker

Edward Baker

Carlos Barrero

Sabrina Barreto

Charles Beneze

Frank Bianco

Matthew Bland

Olivia Bretzius

Jalen Brooks

Jacob Bruce

Sophia Brzezinski

Brandon Buckley

Dalton Buckley

Matthew Bues

Joseph Canale

David Carroll

Brian Carss

Reed Cavallaro

Lauren Chapman

Aiden Clabby

Stefanie Coates

Alexander Cochrane

Daniel Cody

Ava Collard

Julia Connor

Leonel Contreras

Samuel Cooke

Makenzie Corgan

Janelle Correia

Amanda Cousins

Shannon Coyle

Bailey Cullen

Katelyn Cuomo

John Dailey

Isabella Dalessio-Skare

Delaney Daniels

Delaney Darrow

Madeline DesVergers

Anna Dewar

Joshua Dombkowski

Kelly Dougherty

Lillian Downs

Leah Drake

Kathleen Duffy

Molly Egan

Michelle Elezaj

Michael Fairnak

Amelia Fenn

Jillian Fezer

Catherine Field

Karly Fitzgerald

Camryn Fletcher

Matthew Flynn

Alexandra Ford

Geoffrey Forsythe

Erik Frank

Laine Freitag

Emily Gajda

Ian Gandy

Lauren Gehrig

Nolan Germano

Nicolette Gialenios

Peter Glenn

Stephen Godwin

Brendon Goodrich

Nicholas Gorman

Paige Greener

Lillian Greeves

Anna Guarino

Jackson Haskell

Andrew Head

Samuel Heath

Madelyne Hebb

Claire Helms

Julia Hickey

Faith Hicks

Grace Hoefling

Jared Holgado

Carter Holjes

Christopher Ivey

Daniel Jackson

Jae Jang

Adam Jensen

Megan Kanaby

Sarah Kane

Amanda Karazin

Roman Karoly

Andrew Kazmer

Caroline Kelly

Lauren Kelly

Logan Kelly

Mary Callan Kelso

Justine Kenny

Patrick King

Katarina Kirke

Alana Kirsch

Julia Kleiber

Mackenzie Kuzy

Dylan Lane

Zian Lane

Gabrielle-Lauren Lardizabal

Danielle Letts

David Lewis

Cooper Leyda

John Ludenia

Olivia Macdonald

Emily Mahon

Adam Malik

Noah Marshall

Gerilyn Maselli

Colton McAllister

Tess McCarthy

Mary McGowan

Laura McGuire

Christopher Medina

Emily Mercer

Mason Middleton

Alexandra Mills

Andrew Miskimon

Bridget Monahan

Catherine Moore

Maurie Moore

Meaghan Moore

Matthew Musilek

Devin Muzinic

Miller Muzzarelli

Nathan Myers

Jeffrey Nalesnik

Sandra Naylor

Annabelle New

Christopher Nguyen

Matthew Pancoast

Landon Panko

Abigail Pendergraft

Jack Pendergrass

Kaden Pfister

Devin Phillips

William Powers

Carter Pratt

Shane Purner

Henry Qubeck

Izabelle Hannah Querubin

Christopher Ralph

Shelby Reaugh

Graham Reinke

Mark Riegel

Angelica Rock

Conner Rougier-Chapman

Gioia Salamido

Julianna Salcido

Alexandra Schadle

Victoria Schenck

Molly Schimelfenig

Daniel Schline

Katherine Schwartz

Jacob Scoblick

Clare Scott

Lauren Shank

Megan Shearin

Gabriela Shorten

Mason Siegmund

William Sigmon

Gabriella Small

Robert Smith

Christopher Sperrazza

Dane Stewart

Grant Stoneking

Cameron Strickland

Jake Strother

Caleb Suh

Alyssa Suhocki

Joseph Taffe

Caroline Todd

Matthew Tracy

Robert Treadway

Katelyn Vargas

Ella Reaves Vaughan

Andrew Verdi

Jaden Wagner

Kensey Wallace

Sloan Walter

Ruth Anne Warner

Zachary Warner

Maria Wayand

Davis Whitley

Rebecca Wicklin

Kathleen Wirth

Alexa Wojnovich

Craig Woomer

Madeline Wujek

Edwin Yancey

Kristina Zajkowski

Andy Zambrano

Samuel Zarama

Julianna Ziobrowski



Class of 2020

Honor Roll A

Christopher Adams

Ava Borrello

Gabriel Bretherton

Hannon Brown

Zachary Cairns

Isabella Carpenter

Amanda Chacon

Emma Colavecchio

Liam Collins

Luke Coyle

Zachary Dandurand

Ashlynn DeGeorge

Riley Deguzman

Cameron Duarte

Emily DuCharme

Kyle Duerr

Andrea Fortunato

Garrett Francis

Max Goyette

Jenna Hackett

Jessica Hawkins

Alyssa Hofman

Elise Hubbard

Gillian Kearney

Andrew Kunkel

Kendall McClellan

Lauren Miller

Madison Mitchell

Zachary Naylor

Katie Neville

Laura O'Brien

Anna Palmtag

Tyler Paryz

Liam Peeples

Molly Pennisi

Nolan Peters

Madelyn Pietrek

Julia Prat Fernandez

Tanner Price

Auburn Robertson

Alison Rogers

Sean Sabye

Bradley Sears

Andrew Sotell

Marco Tan

Harris Upchurch

Patrick Van De Carr

Ireland Varner

Stephen Vorobiov

Gibson Weber

Spencer Whalen

Lelon Winstead

Rio Wombacher

Lindsay Woodard

Joseph Wujek

Kira Yost

Amelia Zahn

Hannah Zahn

Trent Zuber

Archer Zureich


Honor Roll A/B

Luke Adas

Colette Allen

Ryan Anderson

Ellis Andrews

William Astilla

Mikayla Atwood

William Austin

Charles Bailey

Carolyn Barbieri

Max Barbour

Savannah Barlow

Alexander Barnhill

Andrew Battistoni

Joseph Beason

Sinead Beausang

Seth Beltran

Jerome Bermudez

Joshua Bermudez

Alexander Biega

Lauren Bohlander

Weslyn Bolton

Michael Boney

Joyce Botros

Oran Brown

Emily Brubaker

Kate Bryant

Ryan Buck

Sophia Bufano

Jane Burkhart

Michael Caldwell

Scott Cardoso

James Carmouche

Lochlyn Casey

Alyssa Casillas

Francisco Castiller

Scott Chekan

Nicholas Chrysogelos

Hayden Cody

Benjamin Cook

Kylee Cromwell

Rafi Dahdal

Erin Daley

Noelle Daley

Mary Dapolite

Charles Davis

Trevor Davis

John Daw

Nicole Deis

Grace DeNoia

Anna Derr

Caitlin Dini

Genevieve Dion

Jimmy Do

Lillian Dye

Gabriella Ercolino

Daniel Espitia Arredondo

Adeline Evans

Emma Ewing

Josie Fanelli

Christopher Finch

Anthony Freddoso

Johann Galilea

Brigitte Gallagher

Kevin Gallagher

Peter Garcia

Oishi Ghosh

Julia Gidley

Kevin Girard

Adrian Gonzalez

Michael Grafinger

Kennedy Graham

Sydney Graham

Allison Gray

John Grazen

Jackson Griffin

Lillian Gruebel

Alaina Hancock

Kasey Harrill

Alec Harrison

Andrew Harvey

Matisse Hastings

Garett Hozza

Lucas Hozza

Timothy Hunn

Lucas Hurley

Angelina Hurtado

Jordan Isley

Sumeetha Jagadeesan

Sophia Jenny

Gabriella Jensen

Mary Johnson

Katlyn Jones

Randall Jones

Mallory Kemple

William Kerner

Claudia Kindt

Emerson Kirby

Andrew Kissell

Columb Knight

Abigail Kopp

Erich Kronschnabel

Klarissa Kronschnabel

Emma Kruger

Caroline Kypson

Nicholas Larkin

Magdalen Lavelle

Makenzie Leblond

James Lewis

Gloria Lima

Kristen Lopiano

Caroline Lundby

Taylor Madormo

Varen Maniktala

Jenna Marks

Christian Martinez

Johnathon Martinez

Yesnia Martinez

Zachary Matthys

Davis McCain

Liam McDermott

Chase McDonald

Daniel McGillicuddy

Joshua McKellar

Thomas McOwen

Robert Merdes

Kathryn Milberg

Cole Miller

Paige Miller

Zaccheri Minardi

Amelia Miranda

William Mitchell

Natalie Monti

Christian Moore

Stephen Moore

Maya Mrus

Sylvia Murray

Bailey Mutch

Ryan Newell

Elizabeth Nguyen

Jacob Niemi

Cameron Noble

Aidan O'Brien

John O'Connell

Kaitlyn O'Donnell

Aidan O'Driscoll

Anna Oppegard

Madeline Ostrowski

Adeline Overholser

Andrew Perun

Kayla Pham

Emma Phillips

Greggory Pisculli

Monica Powell

Devin Preskenis

Jackson Reed

Jason Reid

Madison Reid

Riley Mae Rhodes

Julia Ringo

Saul Rivera Flores

Noah Robertson

Jason Rodri

Mary Roufail

Steven Rozansky

Matthew Rutigliano

Aidan Sadowski

Alex Saillant

Cecilia Scales

Amanda Schiltz

Declan Shaw

Lucy Anna Sheaffer

Madison Shell

Katherine Shiel

Preston Sinclair

Mitchell Skiko

Aidan Smith

Audrey Smith

Lukas Sobocinski

Hailey Spellman

Madison Spratley

Trevor Stallings

Victor Stoshak

Aidan Suchniak

Sean Sullivan

Emilie Taylor

Cole Thompson

Gregory Thompson

Laia Torrent Frugis

Andrew Tracy

Cora Tse

Emilia Usher

Richard Van Tassel

Patrick Varias

Tommilynn Vasina

Ella Vertrees

Gabriella Vertreese

Isabella Vigolo

John Vitale

Sydney Waddell

Alexander Waguespack

Grace Wasyluk

Meredith Watson

Karli Weber

Brady Whilden

Lauren Wildgoose

Carson Williams

Niamh Williams

Thomas Williams

Sarah Kate Willis

Samuel Wilson

David Wiwel

Alexa Wood

Jenna Wood

Kathryn Wozencroft

Ruth Wright

Emory Yates

Eliza Ylizarde

Owen Zivitz



Class of 2021

Honor Roll A

Trevor Allison

Amelia Aragona

Marianne Bahna

Grace Brixey

Hannah Brown

Vincent Buff

Alyssa Cadiz

Brady Colford

Keeland Covell

Carleigh Cullen

Sean Curzan

Catalina Dalessio-Skare

Andrew Degele

Mikaela Deininger

Nicole Disalvo

Michelle Escobar

John Fenn

Caroline Field

Alexandra Foppiano

Kathryn Girard

Nicholas Girouard

Parker Gorman

Ashley Goulding

Benjamin Grieb

Samuel Grove

Madison Haller

Hannah Hartel

Sarah Ann Hensley

Charlotte Honeycutt

Mollie Jordan

Caitlin Kaus

Jacob Labaza

Thomas Lane

Craig Lawson

Reese Letts

Henry Lewis

Livia Loverso

Ava Lucas

Cole Lucas

Rachel Macsherry

Makenna Miles

Ana Moranta

Nicco Moriates

William Mullee

Claire Murphy

Annabelle Oberst

Aidan O'Brien

Charles Osborne

Sophia Parker

Morgan Plentl

Julia Priu

Joseph Pulliam

Samantha Rectenwald

Anna Mary Reichert

Megan Riegel

Abby Rinehard

Amy Rinehard

Emily Robers

Octavia Robinson

William Russo

Mason Ryan-Lipps

Alaina Sacco

Ross Salmon

Kristen Schenck

William Schick

Kayla Scoblick

Madeline Sexton

Eric Smith

John Spagnardi

Madigan Stapleton

Cristina Stevens

Stephanie Stewart

Grace Stutz

Amelia Suhocki

Stephen Vanyo

Hannah Williams

Kimberly Winters

Sophia Wright



Honor Roll A/B

Madeline Andrews

Lillian Anglum

David Argay

Avery Ascher

Benjamin Ascher

Robert Barber

Alison Barczak

Nicholas Bianco

Brock Biestek

Carter Bliss

Alexander Boge

Genevieve Bottone

Meribel Briggs

Sarah Brock

Jordana Burge

Rinold Burkhart

Mia Candelmo

James Caramanico

John Caramanico

Grayson Carter

Nathan Castle

Vivian Chapman

Casey Cheatham

Molly Clabby

Jack Connor

Blake Cooling

Austin Correll

Maggie Curtis

Gustav Daeke

Charles Dale

Audrey Damare

Nicholas Danchulis

Scott Daniel

Noah Davis

Sarah Davis

Emily DeBender

Joseph DelVecchio

Lauren Denney

Margaret Devitt

Joseph Di Fiore

Grace Diamond

Jordyn Dieter

Alexandra Donahue

Caroline Dorry

Joshua Dowell

James Dudeck

Emily Duffley

Preston Duffy

Hillman Duncan

Gavin Dupuy

Albert Duran-Arreola

Megan Elliott

William Engemann

Riley Ennis

Daniel Enoch

Sarah Falls

Jack Farrell

Jackson Federman

Luke Fitzgerald

Angelina Ford

Hannah Ford

Elle Freedman

Dominic Fritton

Claudia Gabello

Miranda Gaynor

Megan Germano

Marissa Gibbons

Jacob Gill

Kristen Glielmi

Emma Goodwin

Abigail Grace

Thomas Greene

Kathryn Grelck

Lauren Hackett

Kaitlyn Hannan

Matthew Harris

David Hart

Spencer Haskell

Margaret Hawk

Kayla Hawkins

Wesley Haws

Ethan Hebb

Jonathan Heinske

Anna Helms

Abigail Hickey

Lindy Hill

Stephanie Hils

Brett Hobbs

Hayes Horton

Julia House

Michael Hrehor

Jillian Hurley

Malea Hurley

Emily Igboekwe

Khristian Jackson

Britton Janet

Benjamin Jaski

Lily Johnson

Zachary Judge

Regan Kaeding

Emma Kang

Ryan Kast

Daniel Kelly

James Kelso

Claire Kennedy

Benjamin King

Colin King

Jack Kleiber

Caroline Kocher

Audrey Kramer

Cassian Kraus

Makenzey Krotzer

Jakob Ladd

Julie Lahiff

Lea Lambert

Meghan Lauder

William Leary

Chandler Lopes

Zoe Lushbaugh

Cole Lynch

Elizabeth Macken

Ryan Macri

Raynah Malek

Brandon Marconi

William Marcy

Thomas Mathis

Mary McClain

Gabriel McCue

Autumn McGee

Rose McKinstry

Hadley Meehan

Mary Melichar

Ashley Merrills

Hannah Michaels

Maxwell Miller

Josephine Miranda

Katie Mitchell

Alexis Louise Montemayor

Lindsay Morris

William Morris

Luke Morton

Caroline Mullahy

Kendal Mumma

Griffin Muzzarelli

Jonah Myers

Lauren Nelson

Drake Nereu

Emily Nguyen

Virginia Ogren

Hailey Ondejko

Claire O'Neill

Max Ontjes

Adrian Ortiz Raimundi

Brooke Ozaki

Emory Pegram

Connor Pencola

Edward Perkins

Eleanore Persico

Lucas Pleasants

Joshua Pollaci

Robert Putze

Malcolm Reed

Bridget Reeves

Robby Ritchy

Ashley Robeson

Madeline Robeson

Diego Roman

Samantha Rougier-Chapman

Ellie Russin

Aidan Ryan

Edward Schiff

Charles Schline

Remy Schneider

Eli Scollo

Alyssa Shockley

Sofia Shorten

Kinley Simken

Chloe Simmons

Ciara Smith

Lillie Smutny

Joseph Spagnardi

Brady Spratley

Elizabeth Sriraman

Jillian Stapleton

Victoria Steed

Nicholas Steinlage

Brooke Stephenson

Eleanor Stevens

Colby Stone

Ellie Sturm

Daniel Szura

Magdalene Szura

Sarah Szymeczek

Amelia Tacy

Caroline Taylor

Luke Taylor

Mary Taylor

Grace Thompson

Nicholas Tubolino

Caroline Turley

Evan Tylka

Bailey Underwood

Kara Van Arnam

Pablo Velosa

Bridget Volpe

Felicity Weavil

Benjamin Wheless

Michael Wilson

Logan Wood

Ella Woods

Mackenzie Worden

Jackson Yancey

Katherine Young

Ella Yousik

Giovanna Zaldivar


Class of 2022

Honor Roll A

Bevin Adams

Megan Adams

Riley Allen

Nicholas Anderson

Stacy Andrews

Ashley Arnold

Christopher Ascher

Michael Austin

Nicholas Bartis

Genevieve Beausang

Megan Beaver

Gabriella Berry

Lindsey Bishop

Amber Blankenship

Hope Bleggi

Ian Bracken

Grace Bretzius

Christina Bricker

James Brooks

Audrey Brown

William Brown

Elizabeth Bruner

Conor Buchanan

Rory Bullard

Sydney Calabrese

Sara Canale

Christian Canos

Jessika Capelle

Elizabeth Carroll

Brianna Castiller

John Chappell

Emma Ciesla

Mairin Conrad

Emma Coonan

Amanda Currie

Claire Curzan

Rony Dahdal

Kira Dann

Declan Davis

Angelina DeBlasio

Anna Doggett

Christina Doggett

Lauren Doggett

Caroline Dorsey

Nicolea Dwight

Margaret Dye

James Eckhart

Kevin Estevez

Ian Evans

Jenna Fezer

Kaden Figuerres

Patrick Finkbiner

Samuel Freeman

Drew Fusarelli

Olivia Gallert

Abigail Garcia

Thomas Garofolo

Natalie Gifford

Jose Gomez

Carys Grady

David Greeley

Nathaniel Hagan

Maria Hancock

Caroline Harper

Katherine Harvey

Tristan Hawkins

Regan Hickey

Jonathan Hinson

Kelly Huynh

John Isacco

Steven Jackson

Sophia John

Alexander Johnson

Ross Jones

Anna Jurgens

Anthony Karpus

Kaitlyn Kazmer

Caroline Kenney

Leslie Kramer

Collin Laskey

Ariane Lemaire

Lia Leocadio

Emma Lewis

Denton Liebler

Davis Lips

Carly Maiorano

Caroline Makanui

Sidney Malek

James Masterson

Lauren McClure

Colin McElroy

Cole McGee

Cecilia McGowan

Madeleine McGrath

Abigail Melton

Ava Merola

Samuel Metzger

Connor Moore

Zachary Moore

Isabel Murray

Madison Nereu

Marina Ostrowski

Catherine Pabalate

Carolyn Padfield

Adela Palmtag

Joshua Paryz

Seth Patterson

Alexia Pettes

Grace Pickett

Abigail Pierce

Penelope Quiles

Isabella Ramirez

Walter Reese

Sarah Rehm

Nathan Remmy

Jonathan Roach

Mary Rogers

Micah Rogosich

Liam Andrew Roldan

Sophia Romero

Owen Rudd

Kaitlyn Ryan-Lipps

Anna Sabiston

Maura Sadowski

Addison Schmidt

Victoria Sears

Aidan Sessler

Peyton Shaheen

Savannah Sheldon

Cole Shelton

Seth Shiley

Ansley Siano

Kyle Simmons

OliviaMarie Staszewski

Kylee Tran

Kathryn Wall

Dylan Walter

Wyatt Weber

Emilee Wefald

Ethan Wilcoxen

Ashleighe Wilkinson

Thomas Wujek

Caden Zadell

Alexander Zukowski



Honor Roll A/B

Oluwaferanmi "Feran" Adewunmi

Bethany Allen

Jennifer Amezcua

Jack Anderson

MaryAustin Andrews

Callum Bachand

Matthew Barczak

Meaghan Bates

Kaley Beback

Sharon BejarSolis

Ava Biestek

Logan Blake

Samantha Bonello

Collin Brang

Sophia Bray

Isaac Bretherton

Jennifer Bryant

Jax Bunn

Stefanie Burgess

Mara Cade

George Cahill

Nicholas Carbone

John Carson

Graham Casey

Jacob Casey

John Chambers

Ian Chaput

Ava Clark

Emily Clark

Alexandra Cousins

Tristan Cross

Emily Cruz

Caitlin Curatolo

Joseph Damare

Dylan Daner

Jacob David

Alexander Davis

Samuel Davis

Kate Deis

John Devlin

Nicholas Domnick

Patrick Downes

Lauren Doyle

Colby Duncan

Nicholas Dunn

Alexis Espitia

Benjamin Farrell

Marcelo Fernandez

Matthew Field

Hayden Fike

Tlay Foulkes

David Franklin

Kaitlyn Gbruoski

Jameson Gerdts

Clayton Grant

Gabriel Green

JonCrawford Griffin

McKenna Guard

Joseph Guarino

Aidan Hartel

Ethan Hastings

Alexandra Hatchett

Lauren Hazzard

Lauren Head

Katherine Heath

Sydney Hennesen

Audrey Henning

Alexander Henson

Caroline Hickey

Tylee Hill-Drish

Lauren Hopper

Alexander Hornada

Mary Hornaday

Sam Howe

Ashley Hull

Ava Jackson

Alexandra Jenny

Grant Jensen

Carter Johns

Jeremy Johnson

Alina Joklik

Matthew Kearney

Ethan Kranepool

Jacob Kwak

Christian Lampuri

William Le

Lilian Linton

Hailey Loucks

Morgan Lucas

Daniel Mahon

Kavon Malek

Abigail Malloy

Robert Markovich

Bennett Mason

Ilam Maya

Michael McDermott

Taylor McKinnon

Ethan Miller

Meaghan Miller

Tyler Minneci

Joshua Moore

Kathryn Netzel

Sydney Nguyen

Emily Norman

Catherine O'Brien

Aidan O'Donnell

Liam O'Donnell

Trent Orr

Gabriella Osorio

Brendan Peeples

Andre Pereira de Almeida

Ella Perna

Fleet Plymire

Zachary Pudelski

Kaitlyn Rand

Cassandra Reinke

Ashleigh Retz

Gabriela Richards

Blanton Roberson

Aubrey Robinson

Jacob Robinson

Kellen Russell

Suzette Santamaria Quiroz

Alexabelle Schick

Henry Schneider

Logan Shaheen

Kathryn Shea

Donovan Shepard

Caden Smith

Emma Smith

Logan Snipes

Georgia Sobocinski

Nathan Sopko

Kyle Sottini

Mollie Sperrazza

Matilda Spoor

William Staab

Emma Steffens

Melissa Stephens

William Stevens

Robert Stokes

Cooper Sullivan

Jocelyn Tanas

Kyle Taylor

Mason Taylor

Kayley Tigges

Anna Van De Carr

Courtney Van Tassel

Christian Vito

John Wainio

Caden Watson

Nicole Weiland

Matthew Wilcoxen

Evelyn Wilke

Chason Williams

Camilla Wirick

Ella Woods

Blake Wynia

Caroline Yates

Kerwin Yost

Haley Zajkowski

Sebastian Zaldivar

Charles Zug