Biblical Archaeology Society Online

BASO offers the following publications:

  • Biblical Archaeology Review, 1975-present.
  • Bible Review, 1985-2005.
  • Archaeology Odyssey, 1998-2006.
  • The New Encyclopedia of Archaeological Excavations in the Holy Land, vol. 5, 2008.
  • Smithsonian Institution Symposia:
    • The Rise of Ancient Israel, 26 October 1991.
    • The Search for Jesus: Modern Scholarship Looks at the Gospels, 11 September 1993.
    • Feminist Approaches to the Bible, 24 September 1994.
    • Aspects of Monotheism: How God is One, 19 October 1996.

Destiny Library Catalogue

Destiny is the key to finding fiction, nonfiction, and reference books in the library's collection, as well as OverDrive ebooks, audiobooks, and streaming media such as movies.

Students and educators can log in to their personal Destiny profile and leave reviews of books and other media for current and future Gibbons students and educators to read and be advised by!


Our EBSCO suite of databases includes the following:

  • AP Source
    • 5,500+ full-text academic journals
    • 502,000+ photos and maps
  • MAS Complete
    • 560+ popular high school magazines
    • 420 full-text reference books
    • 103,000+ biographies
    • 73,000+ primary source documents
    • 1.3 million+ image collection
  • Newspaper Source Plus
    • 1,200+ newspapers
    • 40+ news magazines
    • 130 newswires
    • 67 million full-text articles
    • 1.4 million television and radio news transcripts
  • TOPICsearch
    • Sources specifically chosen to support classroom discussion.
      • Biographies
      • Book reviews
      • Government publications
      • Periodicals
      • Public opinion polls
      • International newspapers
  • Literary Reference Center Plus
    • 130,000+ full-text poems
    • 36,000 plot summaries and synopses
    • 750+ full-text literary journals
    • 900,000+ book reviews
    • 2,600+ reference books
    • 260,000 author biographies
    • 7,000+ full-text classic novels
    • 32,000+ short stories
    • 10,000+ author interviews
    • 107,000+ literary criticism essays
  • Religion and Philosophy Collection
    • 495 full-text journals
  • Consumer Health Complete
    • Medical dictionary
    • Several hundred full-text medical journals and magazines
  • Teacher Research
    • 1.3+ million ERIC records
    • 323,000+ ERIC full-text documents
    • 1,200+ full-text journals
    • 500+ full-text books

EBSCO Discovery Service

A great time saver, EBSCO Discovery Service provides the ability to search all EBSCO and Gale databases, JSTOR, World Book Encyclopedia Online, and NewsBank at the same time.

Encyclopedia Britannica

Encyclopedia Britannica offers interactive maps, articles, resources guides, primary sources, timelines, educator tools, and dictionaries.


The Gale Group suite of databases includes the following:

  • Biography in Context
    • Full-text, image, audio, and video content
    • 650,000+ biographical entries
    • 400,000+ international figures from all times periods and areas of study
    • 4,500+ portal pages
    • 170+ authoritative sources such as the Encyclopedia of World Biography and the Writer's Directory
    • Millions of articles drawn from hundreds of newspapers and periodicals
  • Opposing Viewpoints in Context
    • Full-text, image, audio, and video content
    • 19,000+ reference articles, including topic overviews
    • 12,000+ charts, graphs, and other statistical information
    • 300+ profiles of federal agencies and special-interest groups
    • Coverage of the annual debate topic selected by the National Speech and Debate Association
    • 20,000+ pro/con viewpoints
  • Science in Context
    • Full-text, image, audio, and video content
    • 200+ experiments and projects from U*X*L Experiment Central
    • Millions of articles drawn from hundreds of newspapers and periodicals

  • Student Resources in Context
    • Full-text, image, audio, and video content
    • 150+ authoritative sources such as the Gale Encyclopedia of Science and American Decades
    • Full-text newspapers and periodicals such as the Economist and the New York Times
    • Interactive maps

  • U.S. History in Context
    • Full-text, image, audio, and video content
    • Millions of articles drawn from hundreds of newspapers and periodicals
    • Authoritative sources such as the Dictionary of American History and U*X*L Encyclopedia of American Economic History
    • 5,000+ primary source documents

  • World History in Context
    • Full-text, image, audio, and video content
    • 1,700 primary source documents
    • Hundreds of authoritative sources such as the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust and the Dictionary of the Middle Ages
    • 2,000+ maps
    • Full-text journals and periodicals such as the History Today and the Spectator

  • Literature Resource Center
    • Full-text, image, audio, and video content
    • Critical essays
    • Book reviews
    • Scholarly articles
    • In-depth biographical essays
    • Thousands of full-text poems and stories
    • Audio interviews
    • Links to vetted literary sites
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library
    • Hundreds of full-text reference sources
    • Citation tools


JSTOR offers hundreds of current and archival journals, books, and primary sources.

Loeb Classical Library

The Loebs' famous green-, red-, and purple-covered volumes--more than 520 fully searchable Greek, Latin, and English texts--give access to virtually all of Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance thought.


NewsBank offers hundreds of U.S. and international newspapers, special reports, and maps.

Origins Online

Published by the Catholic News Service, Origins Online provides encyclicals, speeches, pastoral letters, diocesan policy statements, and more.


OverDrive offers the easiest e-content reading and viewing imaginable: fiction, nonfiction, and graphic novels that open directly in a laptop's, tablet's, or smartphone's browser, no additional software needed, and audiobooks and streaming video that do the same.

Oxford Biblical Society Online

OBSO offers side-by-side commentaries of user-selected Bible editions, dozens of full-text reference sources, as well as images, maps, timelines, and lesson plans.

World Book Encyclopedia Online

World Book Encyclopedia Online offers interactive maps, articles, resources guides, timelines, educator tools, and a Spanish-language encyclopedia.

Online Tools


NoodleTools provides students with help taking notes, outlining and writing a paper, and correctly citing sources, whether working alone or in groups. And the inbox feature allows teachers to follow the progress of a paper or project and add comments along the way.


Turnitin helps teachers reinforce high standards of academic integrity while also offering a mechanism for feedback on student writing.

Miscellaneous Cool Stuff


This Symbaloo shows which magazines we subscribe to.

Tech Tools

  • Snowball iCE Microphone: High quality sound for recording and streaming, as well as for Skype sessions.
  • SWIVL: Video capture robot for teacher reflection and classroom flipping.