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Course Registration Overview

All students register for their courses on PowerSchool in February for the subsequent school year.

Placement, registration and course offerings information can be found in the Course of Studies (PDF) and on the Course Offerings web page.

Virtual Course Registration Webinars

Due to COVID restrictions on in-person gathering, we will host a series of Zoom webinars to provide information to our returning families about Course Registration for 2021-2022.

Webinars will take place beginning Monday, February 1 through Thursday, February 4, 2021. All webinars will be recorded and posted below for anyone who can't attend live.

Please register below to attend and/or view the webinars.

Course Registration Information for 2021-2022

The full PDF of the Course of Studies for 2021-2022 is linked below.

To begin planning for registration for next year, you may review the Course Offerings web page, which has the updated courses for next school year.

Registration deadline: February 12, 2021.

Everything You Need to Know About Course Selection & the Registration Process

Course Selection/Registration Video Time Index

00:00  Course Recommendations
01:16  Course Discussions - 10 Day Discussion Period
03:56  Important Considerations
05:26  Online Course Waiver
06:18  How to Register
07:12  Special Course Request
07:56  Why Make Thoughtful Choices Now?
09:29  3 Important Steps to Register
10:26  Questions? Where to Get Answers
11:18  Final Thoughts and Deadline

Course Registration Blog Posts 2020

Course of Studies

First page of the PDF file: CourseofStudies-2021-2022-Finalwithcover_v2