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At Cardinal Gibbons High School, we believe that technology in the classroom is an expected part of the learning experience in the same way that we expect students and educators to use pens, pencils, calculators and textbooks. We empower our educators to design their lessons utilizing the best tool(s) to meet their learning goals.

Starting in 2013, Cardinal Gibbons engaged in the process of implementing a 1:1 program. In this process, Gibbons leadership adopted the TPACK Framework to implement a content neutral strategy that will support the development of collaborative lifelong learners with an emphasis on college readiness. From 2013 through the end of the 2018-19 school year, the implementation of the 1:1 program has transitioned through initial adoption, early professional learning, and gradual integration and ownership by individual educators.

The vision put in place in 2013 placed the ownership on individual educators to become content, pedagogical, and technological experts and has been slowly realized within Cardinal Gibbons High School. As a result, Gibbons educators have transitioned over time to seamlessly own the integration of technology support and education.

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