The Cardinal Gibbons Fund



“Every student, every parent, and every educator benefits from contributions made to The Cardinal Gibbons Fund. I am privileged each day to witness how your generous support comes to life.”

 Jason D. Curtis – Principal

Your support is Advancing Our Mission...

1. Spiritual Life

Covers over 50% of the cost for Spiritual Life to run 30+ overnight retreats.

2. Student Experience

Affords invaluable resources for technology, student clubs, and leadership experiences.

3. Exceptional Academics

Provides every educator with professional development & educational growth.

4. The Arts

Offers opportunities for students through performance and innovative, artistic experiences.

5. Athletics

Increases leadership & ministry opportunities in our nationally recognized athletic program.



Jeff and Shannon Williams
The Cardinal Gibbons Fund

Parents of  Devin '17 and Carson '20

"What makes Cardinal Gibbons special is the strong sense of community. The Cardinal Gibbons Fund provides the resources to fuel the myriad of ideas and opportunities generated by this active community of students, educators, and parents. We feel called to support The Cardinal Gibbons Fund in thanksgiving for the many ways our family has been impacted by these unique opportunities."