Notes to Jason

As principal, Jason constantly found ways to honor colleagues and students and celebrate their success. GIBBONS asked folks who worked closely with Jason during his time as principal to do the same for the man who guided our on a path of growth and accomplishments during the last 13 years. Here’s what they had to say: 


"Bishop Zarama and I extend sincere congratulations to Jason Curtis as he transitions into the Presidency of Saint Francis High School in Mountain View, California.  This is a wonderful opportunity for him and his family and we wish him all the best as he moves into this next phase of his life.  We are profoundly grateful for the leadership that Mr. Curtis has provided for Cardinal Gibbons. He has been instrumental in its growth and development into one of the best Catholic high schools in the country.  He is highly regarded by the educators, students, parents, and the entire Cardinal Gibbons High School community. As Mr. Curtis leaves the school, he should do so knowing that his work here has been deeply appreciated and that the school is well positioned for the future.  May Our Lord Jesus continue to bless him and his family now and always. "
Most Rev. Luis Rafael Zarama, Bishop of Raleigh and Dr, Michael Fedewa, Superintendent of Catholic Formation, Diocese of Raleigh

"Throughout my tenure as Bishop of Raleigh, some of my most joyful days were my visits to Cardinal Gibbons. I was welcomed graciously by the students and the school community and left inspired and uplifted. The Catholic identity, joy, enthusiasm and sense of school pride that fill the halls are largely a result of the leadership provided by Jason Curtis. He taught and upheld the teachings of the Catholic Church and proudly shared his faith with others. He showed great respect and concern for the students and his colleagues. He encouraged all in the community to serve others, especially those in most need. I always stated that Cardinal Gibbons was a treasure in the diocese and it will continue to be as all in the community work to build upon the great work of Jason Curtis these past years. I wish him and his family abundant happiness at this exciting time in their lives." 
Most Rev. Bishop Michael F. Burbidge, Bishop of the Diocese of Arlington VA and former Bishop of Raleigh.

"Jason Curtis is a force of nature! He taught me a ton about leadership - that it is profoundly about making others around you better - and encouraging hearts - towards the realization of a common vision. Jason holds high standards and pushes folks to do the hard work in order to affect real cultural change. And what we discover through that dynamic is that committing to one another in the context of forging community is really what love looks like."
J.D. Childs, President of Bishop O’Dowd High School and former Director of Retreat at Cardinal Gibbons.

“Brother Gary and Brother Michel were father figures to me.  And just when I couldn’t imagine Gibbons getting better, an incredible and caring older brother arrived by the name of Jason Curtis.  He brought the school to heights that none of us ever imagined bringing out the best in all of us and helping all of our God given talents to shine.  We will be forever indebted.”
Mike Rogosich ’90, Assistant Principal for Engagement

"In this day and time, there aren’t always a lot of people who work together for long periods of time.  I was here when Jason came, and working with him for the last 19 years has been the best of working with a leader, a friend and even sometimes a younger (much) brother.  He has empowered us all to grow and develop in this vocation of education, and he has encouraged us to share our own ideas and talents so that we can nurture this very special family that we call Gibbons."
Joan Troy, Chair of the Math Department

"Jason Curtis has led Cardinal Gibbons to tremendous achievement and recognition during his time as principal. I have always been impressed by Jason’s vision and by his absolute commitment to our school’s mission of forming men and women of faith, service and leadership – our students have always been Jason’s compass. We will miss his generous leadership, but we are grateful for the indelible and enduring contribution that Jason has made to Cardinal Gibbons."
David Nerz, former Board of Trustees Chair/Parent of Gibbons Alumni    

"It has been an absolute pleasure working closely with Jason for the past sixteen years.  He is the consummate professional, hardworking and dedicated to the betterment of every aspect of Catholic Education.  His dedication to educators, students and families is simply amazing.  I will miss his leadership, mentorship, and most importantly his friendship.  I wish Jason and his family nothing but the best in their next adventure."
Mike Curatolo, Assistant Principal for Student Life

"Jason has been a mentor and a role model to me since my time at Gibbons as a student. I have seen how his leadership and vision have transformed our school. I am grateful to have had the chance to learn from and work closely with him over the years through his work in leadership development. He is truly leaving behind a legacy of leadership, and I hope that I can continue that legacy by carrying on what he started here 13 years ago."
Gabi Burn ’08, Science Educator and Director of Leadership Formation  

Notes from Students

“I think the best thing about Mr. Curtis is that he is always so encouraging. He knew when to cheer me on or to challenge me to strive to do better. I think that's what I will miss about him the most; he was always on my side."
Molly Schimelfenig '19

“Everyone at Gibbons not only will miss his leadership and presence on our campus, but more importantly, his desire for our school to be successful and his love for this community. Thank you, Principal Jason Curtis."
Ryan Rabil '19 



"Jason is a visionary leader – one who imagined what this school could become and lead us all on our journey to making it happen. He created opportunities for us to explore, to learn, to grow, and, when necessary to fail.  His legacy – the vision that Cardinal Gibbons High School is the best high school in the country will continue to direct us in the years to come. "
Nancy Barkan, Assistant Principal of Instruction/Interim Principal for 2019-2020 school year

"Jason has many qualities that make him the wonderful person that he is.  He is a true leader.  His vision for expanding the Cardinal Gibbons campus is beyond anything I could ever have imagined.  He has been an amazing ambassador for our school and he and his family will be greatly missed."
Annette Jay, former Cardinal Gibbons Registrar

"In reading Jason’s words to the Cardinal Gibbons community announcing his departure it struck me that the same standout nouns and verbs he used to describe the people he was fortunate to work with and lead are the very words that capture the heart and intent of his leadership. Thank you Jason for inspiring and encouraging all you encountered; for your passionate and faith-filled approach to success and challenge across education and culture always in the context of mission; for building on legacy, always with an eye to the future; for drawing the circle of community to include the Church, Franciscans and Sisters of Notre Dame, families, alums, faculty, Raleigh community and beyond; for always being mindful of nurturing the next generation of leaders.  It is Cardinal Gibbons that is fortunate."
Sr. Mary Frances Taymans, SND, President of the SND National Education Office in Washington, DC and former Principal of Cardinal Gibbons 

"When I think of Jason I think of devotion.  Devotion to his Catholic faith,  his family,  the Gibbons Mission, students, educators and parents. Jason devoted himself to making Gibbons one of the premier Catholic High Schools in the nation.  We will forever be indebted to him in the Diocese of Raleigh for what he has done for the thousands of students who have passed through the doors of Cardinal Gibbons during his time as an educator and as principal.  His legacy will last for generations to come." 
Fr. Scott McCue, Pastor of St. Thomas More Parish/former Assistant Principal for Spiritual Life at Gibbons/current Board of Trustees member

"I have been fortunate enough to know Jason Curtis since 2003 when he was an assistant principal under Brother Michel.  Through the years I have known Jason as a principal,  fellow parent and  friend.   I had an opportunity to work with Jason on the Board of Trustees. Jason is a once in a lifetime leader and visionary with a heart for children and a passion for education. We have been lucky to have Jason at Gibbons as it was his vision that has transformed the school.  It has been his faith, service and leadership that has led us to where we are today.  I am grateful that my children were able to be at Gibbons while Jason was here.   He will be missed, but he leaves with a great legacy and a solid path for the future."
John Ruocchio ’83, former Board of Trustees Chair and Gibbons Parent  

Notes from students

"I am beyond thankful for Mr. Curtis, he has helped to create a school so oriented around service and helping others, and makes myself and my peers more grateful and giving people. A lesson many can take years to learn, he {Principal Curtis} has done since the moment we walked through the doors of the school."
Amanda Karazin '19