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COVID-19 Data Tracking

The Cardinal Gibbons COVID-19 dashboard is updated daily Monday through Friday. 

Updated Monday, May 16 at 10 a.m. 

Total Cases 

The total number of cases includes both on-campus testing and self-reports.

   Week of May 16-20  Spring 2022    Fall 2021  
  Students 0 194 57
  Educators 1 26 9
  Part-time Coaches 0 3 4

Spring Semester Trends


  • Educators: Both classroom and office Educators. This includes coaches who are employed full-time. 
  • Part-time coaches: Coaches who do not work at Gibbons full time and only interact with student-athletes. 

On-Campus Testing

COVID-19 testing is available to students on campus during regular school hours. Email School Nurse Angie Shell or stop by her office inside Fr. Price Gym to receive a test. Parental content is required for students under the age of 18. Please email School Nurse Angie Shell to provide consent. 

 Total number of students tested       2,676
 Total number of staff tested        334
 Percentage of positive cases      4.7