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A Day of Fellowship, Support, and Golf

It is all about fellowship, support, and tradition. For the last 15 plus years, parents, alumni, and friends of Gibbons have joined in fellowship at the links to enjoy time together playing golf and supporting the school.

The tradition continued October 1. That's when the annual Crusader Classic Golf Tournament took place at MacGregor Downs Country Club in Cary.  As in years past, the tournament - sponsored by the Cardinal Gibbons Family Association- attracted a full roster of golfers as well as 36 sponsors.

2018 Golf Tournament

Gibbons parents Michelle Pfeiffer and Colleen Lucas co-chaired the tournament. “This annual fall event,” they said, “is about bringing members of the Gibbons family together, so they can engage in friendship – connecting with old friends and making new ones – while enjoying a beautiful day on the golf course and supporting our school’s athletic programs and other initiatives supported by The Cardinal Gibbons Fund.”  

Principal Jason Curtis added that proceeds from the tournament benefit all students through The Cardinal Gibbons Fund, by supporting new and expanding student opportunities on campus.  Just as important, he said, is “the engagement that the incredible Family Association volunteers supply while running the tournament: the fellowship, enthusiasm and Gibbons spirit is evident throughout the day!”

2018 Golf Tournament

The tournament also highlighted the familial spirit that is the heart of the Gibbons community. Evidence of that could be seen in the more than 40 parent volunteers who were on hand to greet attendees, in the members of Gibbons Men's Golf team who helped carry players’ bags and clubs, and in the Gibbons coaches who engaged with golfers and tooled around the course in the beverage carts. 

And the golfers, whether they were new to the tournament or veteran participants, said it was an enjoyable day on and off the greens. This was the first year Gibbons parent Renzo Zaldivar played in the tournament. He is the father of Giovanna ’21 and Sebastian ’22.

Why did he decide to play this year? It is important to support the school your children attend and to spend time with friends and fellow Gibbons parents, he said. 

2018 Golf Tournament

Gibbons parent Dave Dini has attended the golf tournament each of the last five years. “I keep coming back because it’s for Gibbons, it’s a good time, and it’s a chance to see and engage with great people,” he said. He and his wife, Deborah, are the parents of Caitlin’20, Brian’11, and Brandon’14.

Director of Parent Engagement Kerry Mann described the tournament as a huge success. "The course was full of enthusiastic players, volunteers, alumni, and students,” she said. “We are grateful for all who made the day possible and allowed us to continue to support our exemplary programs at Gibbons."


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