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Catholic Schools Week with Angie Melcher


Editor's Note - Catholic Schools Week (Jan. 28-Feb. 3) begins today and so does our special series of seven essays that spotlight the amazing educators at Gibbons and what they have learned from their equally-amazing students. The stories they share in their first-person accounts underscore that Catholic schools inspire students and educators alike to learn, serve, lead, and succeed, which is the theme of this year’s celebration. Each day of Catholic Schools Week we will share one essay with you; and we start with Science Educator Angie Melcher who has taught at Gibbons for eight years. Angie currently teaches AP Physics 1 & AP Physics C, and is the moderator of the Physics Club as well as a moderator of the Academic Team. She is pictured above with some of her students.


Walt Disney’s Tarzan was one of my daughter’s favorite movies when she was a young girl.  One of the songs from the movie includes the line, “in learning, you will teach; and in teaching, you will learn.” How true that is as I have discovered in 30 years of teaching wonderful students.   I share my passion of learning with “my kids” and they teach me so many lessons.  I have learned that patience is a virtue and first impressions are often wrong. I have learned about and received advice on music, social media, and fashion. I learned to laugh at myself and at my students’ daily exuberance.  I learned that there are times to laugh and to cry and there are always times to pray.  I have learned that there is no replacement for hard work and studying. I have learned that it is important to dream big and to work hard and play hard.  At the end of the day, the most important lesson is that teaching is most effective when you learn about the whole person. Relationships are everything, everything, everything.  I have found answers to questions that I have about certain students while on our Kairos retreats.  I have learned to find God in all things when teaching my kids.


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