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Catholic Schools Week with Gibbons Coach and Educator Gordon Galloway

Editor's Note – To celebrate Catholic Schools Week we will post stories that spotlight members of our school community, from students and parents to educators and coaches, and why they decided to join the Gibbons family and share in the special joy of Catholic education generally and of a Gibbons education specifically. The stories they share celebrate what makes Gibbons great.

Social Studies Educator and Men’s Lacrosse Coach Gordon Galloway did not take a direct path to Gibbons. His introduction to the school took place when he lived out of state and to the lacrosse team when he was on the field coaching an opposing team.

Gordon Galloway teaching social studies.

In 2015 Galloway relocated from New Jersey to North Carolina, where his wife grew up and her family still lives. Two years later, he traded his position as a coach and social studies educator at a public high school in Durham County, as well as one he verbally accepted in Wake County, to join Gibbons. He never looked back.

“It was an opportunity that came at a great time for me in my personal faith journey and God coming into my life to teach here,” Galloway says. Additionally, he notes, while in NJ his family kept him abreast of the school and its innovative programs, one of which he learned about first-hand as a coach whose team competed against the Crusaders.

Coach Galloway praying with his team.

“We knew Gibbons athletes played hard but were also respectful and had a reputation of conducting themselves with integrity on and off the field,” he notes. He also points to the school’s commitment to its mission of faith, service, and leadership. “It takes a conscious effort to maintain that vision, that culture every day and … Gibbons constantly is willing to reexamine and ask the hard questions: are we doing the best by our mission, our educators, our students?”

Asked if that’s an #OnlyatGibbons commitment, Galloway says: “I don’t necessarily know if it happens only at Gibbons, but it only happens at great organizations.”

So, what does he feel is unique and cool about working here?  “It is a place that encourages and rewards its educators to take risks in pursuit of that mission and in the name of a high-quality, college-prep education,” he says.

Galloway describes his years at Gibbons as “nothing short of fantastic.” Looking ahead, he jokingly says, “Gibbons is stuck with me at least until my two children graduate in 2028 and 2032… or when I retire.”

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