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Catholic Schools Week with Gibbons Student Gloria Lima '20

Editor's Note – To celebrate Catholic Schools Week we will post stories that spotlight members of our school community, from students and parents to educators and coaches, and why they decided to join the Gibbons family and share in the special joy of Catholic education generally and of a Gibbons education specifically. The stories they share celebrate what makes Gibbons great.

Gibbons junior Gloria Lima  inn front of Mission Wall.

Since Gloria Lima ’20 followed her three older siblings to Gibbons she knew much about the school before she became a freshman here. Over the last three years, however, she has discovered even more about Gibbons as she carved out her own place within the school community.

“I was excited to come here,” notes Gloria. “Gibbons is a place where I am able to express my faith. I have the option, the opportunity, and the choice, to go to the chapel whenever I want here at school.” That, she adds, is important to her.

What is also important to her are the one-to-one relationships she has with her teachers, as well as the academic and emotional support they give her. To drive home that point she told the story of coming to school early one day and meeting her theology teacher who asked, “Gloria, are you OK?” That simple question enabled her to talk about “what was on my mind, which helped me a lot,” Gloria notes, adding that it turned out to be a good day.

Gloria created her own Gibbons experience by being involved in the dance program as well as outreach initiatives. “The service-oriented environment makes Gibbons cool for me,” she explains. “I love serving. I love helping people. Having service days connects with our faith.”

Helping others is something Gloria says will stay with after she leaves Gibbons, and just may define her future career path. Her goal is to attend NC State and become a social worker, she says.

So, how is Gibbons preparing her to reach her goal? “Gibbons challenges you, but in a positive way,” she notes. “I have learned time management and organization skills, but more important, I have learned to think for myself.”

Asked what advice she would give to an incoming Gibbons freshman Gloria says, “ I know everyone says it, but don’t be afraid to try things, become involved and engaged, and make one-on-one connections with teachers, which helps so much in so many ways.”

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