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Catholic Schools Week with Jennifer Marks

Editor's Note - Catholic Schools Week (Jan. 28 - Feb. 3) continues today and so does our special series that spotlights the amazing educators at Gibbons and what they learned from their equally-amazing students. The stories they share in their first-person accounts underscore that Catholic schools inspire students and educators alike to learn, serve, lead, and succeed, which is the theme of this year's celebration. Each day of Catholic Schools Week we will post one essay; and on this seventh and final day of the celebration Cheerleading Coach Jennifer Marks shares her story. Jennifer has coached cheerleading at   Gibbons for 21 years. She is pictured above, bottom left in black coat, with some of her cheerleaders and her assistant coach.


I have been the cheerleading coach at Gibbons for 21 years. There are so many things my incredible student-athletes have taught me but above all, they and their parents, have taught me to continue my commitment to Catholic education for my own five children. Nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to Catholic education.

My Gibbons student-athletes and parents are so unselfish and have given so much time and support to our program. They have made me a better person because they never give up and they always support our school and team. My students teach me daily to keep going, never forget those who worked hard for you, and never give up on someone with heart. I can't say enough about what this program and these students mean to me.


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