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Donating Blood, Serving Others, Forming Donors for Life

The long and short of it is, today’s Student Council sponsored Blood Drive is an annual service project the Cardinal Gibbons community wholeheartedly embraces, reflecting that service to others is a cornerstone of our school’s mission.

“We're trying to make service meaningful and fulfilling, just like it is for the best service at this school,” Assistant Principal/Student Activities Michael Rogosich ’90 said of the goal of the blood drive, long a Gibbons tradition. “We're trying to form donors for life.”

Throughout the January 26th drive Gibbons students volunteered their time and worked in partnership with members of the local Rex Blood Services who were on hand to draw blood from willing donors. In 2017, more than 100 Gibbons students and educators responded to the call to donate blood, and this year there was a waiting list of donors.

So, what made this year’s drive different than previous ones?  Emily Curtis’18 and Ryan Rabil ’19, the student council members heading the 2018 drive, both pointed to increased student involvement as the answer. Additionally, all members of the Student Council volunteered, making the event an even more important service project for our organization, noted Ryan.

“As a school, we talk and do a lot to live out our mission of faith, service, and leadership,” Emily added. “What better way to provide service to others than physically giving blood to people in need.”

Director of Outreach Ministry Gary Meyerl ’82 was just one of the many members of the Gibbons school community who chose to donate blood today.  Meyerl said he started donating blood when he was a 17-year-old senior at Gibbons, and has continued to do ever since, embodying the goal of this year’s drive - making donors for life.

“I continue to be inspired each and every time I donate, knowing that doing so makes a difference in someone’s life,” Meyerl explained.

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