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Educator Spotlight: Drama Educator Kevin Ferguson

Introduction: We are excited to continue our Educator Spotlight series, which regularly will bring you inside the classroom of one of our exceptional educators. In doing so, the series will offer you a glimpse of how Gibbons educators care for and engage students, preparing them for college and beyond while forming them as men and women of faith, service, and leadership in church and community.  Today, we are spotlighting Drama Educator Kevin Ferguson. Our other spotlights featured Social Studies Educator Jessica Lowe '99Spanish Educator Miguel Casas, Math Educator Leah Iyer ' 08, Science Educator Joleen Smith, Theology Educator Austin Faur, and English Educator Maria Hill.

Kevin Ferguson: Educator Spotlight

Entering Drama Educator Kevin Ferguson’s musical theater workshop class is like peeking behind the curtain of a live performance. There’s lots of activity taking place, ideas filling the Studio Theater, and creativity blossoming in the spotlight.

Ferguson brings the real world into the classroom by offering students the benefit of his expertise as a seasoned actor and director as well as a dedicated educator. He not only encourages students to develop their critical thinking skills and intellectual curiosity, but he also engages their desire for the stage and challenges them to reach their potential.

Kevin Ferguson: Educator Spotlight

"In Drama class – you can’t hide,” explains Ferguson, a Gibbons educator for 13 years. “This is active learning.”

To be sure Ferguson, also chair of the Fine Arts Department, is the inimitable drama educator who combines action with passion – diligently preparing students to excel on the stage, in the classroom, and in life. He also is that quirky instructor who dispenses knowledge with a quick wit, a twinkle in his eye, and a side of wisdom. Students adore him and endearingly call him “Ferg.”

In this 6th period Thursday class Ferguson hands the reins of producing a musical theater number to students. They are empowered to "see an artistic vision through from conception to fruition," notes Ferguson, who supports them through the process of soliciting feedback from classmates to incorporating the suggestions into their work.

Educator Spotlight: Kevin Ferguson

In between, he stresses, students “gain experience in successful collaboration, ensemble building, and creative problem-solving.” They also realize that all the world could be their stage.  


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