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Engaging With Us at Open House

Engage with us is a phrase repeated often at Gibbons. And that is exactly what was taking place at our recent Open House, which welcomed hundreds of prospective students and families into our school’s mission of faith, service, and leadership.

Open House 2018

The November 4 event also provided attendees with the opportunity to explore our school and see the campus in action. They did so by attending presentations, taking student-led tours, learning about our academic, spiritual life, technology, and co-curricular programs, and by meeting our educators, families, alumni, and, of course, our students.

During the welcome presentation, Assistant Principal for Instruction Nancy Barkan thanked attendees for participating in what she described as one of the most important days for Gibbons. “Our hope for you today,” she said, “is to see people you know, see people you don’t know, and to find joy in the experience.”

In a heartfelt speech, Caroline Kelly’19 talked about being open “to what might happen” by taking advantage of all the opportunities Gibbons offers.

Open House 2018

Principal Jason D. Curtis added that those opportunities, which continue to expand and grow, along with a Gibbons education prepares students for their futures in a supportive and encouraging environment, guided by educators who care for and love them. Talking as a parent, he said, what makes Gibbons special is one word – love.

“Gibbons is a place where we are never afraid to tell students and parents we love them, a place where they learn that God loves them, and where they are called to love one another,” said Jason D. Curtis, principal.

“Gibbons is a place,” he explained, “where we are never afraid to tell students and parents we love them, a place where they learn that God loves them, and where they are called to love one another.”

Open House 2018

Participants also learned that Cardinal Gibbons is committed to making sure it supports students and families even before they are members of the Gibbons community. To that end, the school is offering Application Assistance Night on November 14 for eighth grade students and families applying for the Cardinal Gibbons High School Class of 2023. Starting at 7:00 p.m, our parents, students, and educators will share information on writing an essay and how to ask teachers for recommendations.

There is a saying among our students that goes like this - you can only know Gibbons by being here. So, if you were unable to attend the November 4 Open House, and will miss Application Assistance Night, we invite you to schedule a visit through our GPS Program, which pairs each student visitor with a trained Gibbons Guide. The program offers visitors the opportunity to experience a day in the life of a Cardinal Gibbons student.

Meet Michael and Kristen Astilla and their daughter Ava, who attended Open House and read what they gained from the experience.

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