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Faith Formation Opportunities for Parents

On Wednesday evenings in January you will find a group of Gibbons parents in Room 116 working on some decoding. Their work, however, has nothing to do with computers and everything to do with spiritual formation.

You see, the 16 members of this group, including two married couples, have signed up for Decoding the Book of Revelation, the latest parent faith formation series offered by the school’s Theology Department. This is the first year for the four-class series, which started January 10 and is being taught by Theology Educator Patrick Dmytriw. He described the series as an opportunity to expose parents “to an aspect of the Bible that they probably have little to no experience with.”

While the Revelation series is new, it is one of four being offered this year, underscoring how spiritual formation opportunities for parents recently have expanded. This year also marked the creation of PrayerCRU, which offers opportunities to parents to grow spiritually by attending daily Mass at Queen of All Saints Chapel, participating in First Friday Adoration, requesting prayers for themselves or loved ones, and, of course, taking part in one of the parent faith formation series.

Each of the classes in the Revelation series, said Dmytriw, include a brief prayer service in the chapel, classroom lecture along with a PowerPoint presentation, and time for questions and answers.  According to the class description, participants will look at why Revelation “is set up with ‘doom and gloom imagery … and end of the world stuff’ by breaking down its history, the imagery, and other quirks that reside in this book.”

Asked what parents will glean from the series Dmytriw said: “I hope it will provide parents insight and clarity into, what I think, is the most confusing and complicated book of the New Testament (as well as the entire Bible). Revelation often gets overlooked as a book that can enhance one’s faith life because of all the controversy that surrounds it.”

Gibbons parent Shannon Williams, who also is involved in PrayerCRU, is taking the classes “to gain a basic understanding of the Book of Revelation and its author, and to get to know some other parents better through studying Scripture. “I have cheered, served, and prayed with other Gibbons parents, but this is my first time to study Scripture with them. I am anxious to learn from Mr. Dmytriw and the other parents in the group.”

The classes are held from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm in the chapel and Room 116. The three remaining classes take place on January 17, 24, and 31.
































































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