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iCube Launches Job Board


Students gather for discussion with iCube leaders.

Attention Gibbons students!  Are you ready to gain real-world experience? Are you looking for an internship, part-time or seasonal employment opportunities? If so, start your search using the newly-created job board on our school’s website!

The board was developed by iCube as a service to connect Gibbons students with job opportunities by providing them with centralized employment information. Launched just last week, the iCube Job Board already is populated with 13 listings from companies that have started or are continuing a relationship with Gibbons, notes Business Educator and iCube Moderator Brent Nolan ’05. The board, he adds, will help students navigate the job market and become standout applicants.

Auburn Robertson ’20, an iCube ambassador, agrees that the job board will provide students with an advantage. She should know since last year she had an internship, thanks to iCube. “Having a job board provides students with the opportunity to see what is available to them to gain valuable work experience,” she notes. “Working with professionals during my internship helped me both mature and expand my interests concerning a future career or college major.”

The board will also be good for participating companies. Why? Gibbons students can bring innovation and energy into a company in the form of fresh approaches and ideas as well as knowledge of the latest trends in technology, Nolan adds.

Among the companies that already posted jobs on the board is Power Analytics Corporation. The company, an early advocate of iCube, has offered internships to Gibbons students in the past.

“We are thrilled to participate in the job board and encourage students to reach out to iCube leadership to explore opportunities to develop skills that will prepare them for future jobs,” notes Steve Lopiano ’82, executive vice president of the company. “How important will that be in four to five years?”

The plan, Nolan says is to have job listings from 15-20 companies by the end of the school year and, in the future, reach out to Gibbons parents and alumni which, in turn, will increase the board’s scope and depth. The hope, he explains, is that as the board continues to develop it will help Gibbons students connect with jobs that match their talents, interest, and ambitions.

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