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Senior Jameson Gerdts is one of 20 students selected for East Carolina University’s prestigious EC Scholars program. More than 2,700 students applied, and 50 finalists were selected. 

Headshot image of Jameson Gerdts

The program offers a scholarship valued at nearly $64,000 and a challenging learning experience for a highly select group of undergraduates. It provides students with rigorous coursework, research opportunities with faculty members across campus, and a study abroad experience.

Gerdts decided to apply for the program after visiting campus to check out the engineering and music programs. 

“When I attended their Open House, I could sense a palpable culture of the entire faculty genuinely wanting the students there versus the undertone at other school tours of ‘you would be lucky to get to come here,’” he said. 

After taking part in Selection Sunday, the final round of interviews for the program, Gerdts felt certain ECU was the right place for him. 

When his acceptance letter arrived in the mail, Gerdt’s dad immediately texted his son. Gerdt didn’t want to wait for the news, so he had his father open it. 

“I got in and was feeling great,” he said. “They take care of many things for college and treat their students extremely well.”

For Gerdts, several Gibbons educators have been instrumental in helping him achieve his goals. He credits Mr. Galloway, Ms. Melcher, and Mr. Cashin for bolstering his patience, poise, and self-confidence. 

His participation in the Mock Trial program with Mr. Aragona was helpful as he navigated the interview process and interacted with the admissions team at ECU. 

“Ultimately, I feel that Gibbons has done much for my character, ability to move on in life, and take important opportunities that arise,” he said.