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Life Lessons + Work Experience = Summer Internships

These may be the lazy days of summer, but they are the complete opposite for 15 Gibbons students working as interns at area companies.

From developing supply chain analytics and working in customer service to conducting medical research these interns are busy learning life lessons and gaining work experience – lots of it. They are doing so, thanks to iCube for Innovative Crusaders Understanding Business and Entrepreneurship.  “A service organization, iCube provides Gibbons students with business opportunities and experiences like internships but also can include guest speakers, workshops, fieldtrips, shadowing opportunities, and more,” says iCube Director Brent Nolan ’05.

“I will improve my research, writing, and presentation skills. I also look forward to seeing if technology advancements for prenatal care is something that interests me as I attend NC State’s College of Engineering to study Biomedical Engineering," says Katie Lawson '18. 

The iCube Summer Internship Program, now in its third year, has placed over 60 students in internships at myriad local companies, some run by Gibbons parents as well as alumni. Placing a student in an internship is one of the best ways for students to gain work experience, learn about professional opportunities, network within career and academic fields, and see the practical application of what they are learning at Gibbons, adds Nolan. He together with iCube Mentor Jim Baker lead the summer internship program.

Here are three examples of the internships being offered this summer:

The Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina (FBCENC)
For their internship Andrew Miskimon ’19 and Sam Marcom ’18 used Tableau software to convert data, from statistics and charts to reports and graphs, into interactive visualizations called dashboards. The result? The data is easier to understand.  The goal? To help the food bank identify the strategy to obtain and distribute more food, Stephanie Miles a FBCENC Board Member, writes in an email.

For the students, their internship was a learning experience. Andrew explains: “This internship has taught me how to manage obstacles and time. Many of the tasks given to my partner and I were very difficult and learning how to overcome these problems will help me for the rest of high school and life.”

Duke’s Summer Training in Academic Research or Duke STAR Program
Working with four other students and a Duke faculty mentor *Katie Lawson ’18 is researching medications used on and the survival, morbidity, and mortality rates of premature infants. In August, Katie says her group will share their research with the hope of publishing an article in a medical journal. As part of her internship she also will shadow a doctor in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Asked what she will gain from the internship Katie says: “I will improve my research, writing, and presentation skills. I also look forward to seeing if technology advancements for prenatal care is something that interests me as I attend NC State University’s College of Engineering to study Biomedical Engineering.” 

*(Katie is pictured above, second from left, with fellow Duke STAR interns, including rising Gibbons senior Rob Treadway ' 19.)

Traffic Data Exchange
Gibbons parent Timothy Kenny has four interns working at his company. They are Michael Smith’19, Lauren Huffey ’18, Tanner James (TJ) Price ‘19, Justine Kenny ’19 (his daughter). Each student’s internship experience is different, ranging from gaining data-base experience and interacting with customers to learning programming and coding skills.

Explaining why he participates in the iCube Summer Internship Program he notes: “I have always looked for motivated high school students who want to get real hands-on business experience… which will help them better understand what they are learning in school and prepare them for their futures.”


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