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Multicultural Day, a first at Gibbons


Students enjoying Gibbons' first-ever Multicultural Day.

Our school community commemorated the cultures and traditions of over eight different countries during the first-ever Gibbons Multicultural Day celebration.

On a recent Friday afternoon, the school's main lobby was lined with tables filled with 20 different kinds of foods that the more than 60 students, parents, and educators who attended experienced and enjoyed. The countries represented included the Bahamas, France, Cuba, Japan, Italy, and Spain.

There was also music, dancing, and singing during the event. It took place from 5 to 7 p.m. on February 28.

Educators at Gibbons' first-ever Multicultural Day.

"This is the first year we have celebrated our school's diversity with a special event, ensuring that our students not only learn global confidence but also appreciate diversity," said Director of Student Engagement Tonya Holmes. She organized the event with Choral Director Martha Zaldivar.

Zaldivar added: "The goal of the event was to expand students' horizons and expand their understanding of different cultures, which we feel we accomplished. It was a day filled with laughter, learning, sharing, and of course, delicious food from other countries."

Students and parents enjoyed the event. Among them were Gibbons parent Shawna McKinnon and her daughter, Taylor McKinnon '22.

"Thank you for the vision, thank you for encouraging our kids and the school community to celebrate diversity," Shawna McKinnon said.

Though Multicultural Day was a single event, students also celebrated Black History Month throughout February. They did so by sharing information via the schoolwide PA system, through a photo gallery, as well as in lobby and library displays about important events and figures in Black history.

The goal? For the Gibbons community to listen to the announcements and view the photos and display and find a way to connect with the figures in a more profound and meaningful way, said Holmes.

The announcements have become an annual tradition at Gibbons. Both Holmes and Zaldivar hope that the same will hold true for the other Black History Month exhibits as well as for Gibbons Multicultural Day.

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