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Opportunities for Gibbons Parents to Serve

Ask Gibbons parents to explain the hashtag #Gibbonsserves and you will get a variety of answers. Why? The reason is simple: Parents have numerous opportunities to work together to serve and give back to the community.

Those opportunities have grown from centering on a single annual event to taking place monthly, with class specific service projects scheduled for parents. Those opportunities are:

Freshman parents volunteer at the non-profit Note in the Pocket; Sophomore parents serve at the North Carolina Food Bank in Raleigh; Junior parents volunteer at The Green Chair Project; Senior parents serve at the Interfaith Food Shuttle.

At the same time, the Gibbons Gathers annual event, comprising a morning of family service and a parent social in the evening, remains a much anticipated after Easter tradition. This year’s Gibbons Gathers is slated for Saturday, April 14, with the Family Day of Service in the morning, and the Spring Social in the evening at the NC Museum of Art, West Wing.

Parents Class of 2021 Service.

Kim Eyerman who heads the group with fellow Gibbons parent Laura Grelck ’87 said the goal of all parent service opportunities is, “to assist local charities in their respective missions, to improve the lives of those they serve, and allow parents to get to know one another... and feel a greater connectedness with other Gibbons parents.”  Working alongside someone you do not know, “is a perfect opportunity to form a friendship with that person,” she added.

So, what does a typical class specific service day involve?  Volunteers meet at the charity and mingle, say a prayer and then begin work.  On average, around 50 Gibbons parents serve each month," Eyerman said. “As long as we have parents interested in serving, we will continue to send groups into the community.”

View the class-specific service opportunities for parents.

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