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Parents Begin Their Lenten Journey
Lenten season graphic to go with Parent Reflection Series.

For four Wednesday evenings parents will be taken on a contemplative and scholarly journey through the season of Lent. The journey, which began March 13, is being led by Director of Outreach Ministry Gary Meyerl '82 and Theology Educator Patrick Dmytriw as part of the parent faith reflection series that began several years ago and continues to expand.

So far, 14 Gibbons parents have registered for the Lenten classes, which have become a yearly tradition to help participants prepare for Easter. Many also see the classes as another opportunity for spiritual renewal that Gibbons offers to parents. Other opportunities include activities led by PrayerCRU, a parent group that models an active life of faith through prayer. Among those activities are holding a prayer group on Friday mornings, praying the rosary on Marion Feast Days, and serving together at A Place at the Table in downtown Raleigh.

"The hope is that those who attend find spiritual nourishment as we journey together through four weeks of the Lenten season,”           
                                                                Director of Outreach Ministry Gary Meyerl '82 adds.

The Lenten Reflection Series is offered by the school’s Theology Department and has been taught by different theology educators. Though both Mr. Meyerl, a former theology educator, and Mr.Dmyrtriw each has led the classes, this is the first time they are teaching it together.

Having both men lead the class provides parents with each one’s different focus and unique perspective, notes Meyerl. He explains: “In the same way that each Liturgical season provides us with a different focus, so too do we as educators. By team teaching this Lenten series, we each get the chance to lend our unique perspective on the season, journey, and discipline of Lent.”

During each session, parents will spend time reflecting on the Gospel for the upcoming Sunday of Lent, as well as discussing other readings from the Hebrew and Christian Scripture to see how they fit into the Lenten season. “Reflecting on the Sunday Gospel,” Meyerl notes, “provides those who join us each Wednesday an opportunity to reflect on who Jesus is calling each of us to be and become this Lenten season.”

So, what are parents expected to take with them from the classes? “The hope is that those who attend find spiritual nourishment as we journey together through four weeks of the Lenten season,” Meyerl adds.

For Gibbons Parent Laura Usher, the classes have provided food for thought. “I have tried to do as many of these parent education classes as possible,” says Usher whose daughter, Emilia, is a junior. “I have enjoyed them all and for different reasons. I love learning about our faith and the more I know the more I want to know…”

The classes this Lenten season are being held from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm in Room 116. You can still sign up for the three remaining classes, which will take place on March 20, 27, & April 3.


Click here to register.

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