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Spring Teams Explore the Athletics Culture Code

Everywhere you looked during the athletics leadership conference, there were student-athletes and coaches engaging with one another. Whether they were deep in conversation or having a casual chat they were all discussing one topic – the athletics culture code.

This group of spring coaches and athletes were adding their contributions to the code, which originated last summer. The idea? Bring together student-athletes, coaches, and school administrators to create a code to guide them on and off the playing field, notes Dean Monroe, Director of Leadership/Legacy.

Members of the soccer team with coach at the Athletics Leadership Conference.

From that initial draft, teams and athletes started their season discussing and examining the code as well as adding their input to it. If coaches and players came up with the code, they were invested in it and more motivated to live by it, Monroe explains.

Chase Smith ’19, who plays baseball, described the code as “a magnet between players and teams.” Lochlyn Casey ’20, who plays softball, said for her it sends the message that sports “is more than about YOU, it is about your identity as a team, a program, a culture.” 

Coaches agree. “The code defines what we believe in as a group … and is a unifying force between all the different sports so we are all on the same page, working toward the same goals and the same mission …,” noted Math Educator Andrew Tuttle who coaches tennis and basketball.

Coach Gordon Galloway with members of his lacrosse team at the Athletics Leadership Conference.

Social Studies Educator Gordon Galloway, who coaches men’s lacrosse, added: “With the culture code we have the opportunity to teach student-athletes how to live a life based in faith, service, and leadership. We want to win, but what we really are excited about is building All-American men and women … who will go on to become fantastic husbands and wives, fathers, mothers, and workers throughout their lives.”


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