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The Gibbons Connection with John Aragona
John Aragona teaching a class.
Catholic Schools Week banner for 2021.

Editor's Note – Though Cardinal Gibbons has moved its celebration of Catholic Schools Week to March; the national commemoration began on January 31 and continues through February 6. We will recognize the national effort with a special series that spotlights the amazing educators at Gibbons and why they chose to work here. The answers they share underscore the theme of this year’s national celebration: “Catholic Schools: Faith. Excellence. Service.” Each day this week we will share an educator’s answers with you.

Today, February 2, we continue the series, The Gibbons Connection, with Theology educator John Aragona who has worked at Gibbons for five years. She is pictured above teaching a class.

Q: Why did I choose to work at Catholic School in general and Gibbons in particular?

A: As an undergraduate Theology major at Georgetown University, my mentor and advisor commented that I mixed the “sacred and profane” when I declared my intent to go to law school.  After retiring from my practice, I was drawn to teaching and resolved to work in Washington, DC where I grew up. But the call of family friends in North Carolina redirected our family to our new home in Raleigh. Catholic education was ubiquitous in the Nation’s capitol and we were spoiled for choice, but Gibbons is unique in Raleigh. I knew I had to work at Gibbons after my daughter had a highly engaging tour in the 8th grade and set her mind to attending. God’s grace opened a rare position for me as an educator. 

Q: What do you love most about working at Gibbons?

A: Gibbons is creating a culture of collaboration that permeates every relationship in our community. Our parents invest in the education of their children through their support of our work in the classroom. And our students are confident in the knowledge that we will always speak the truth of God’s love for them and the special grace that flows from creating opportunities for academic growth and moral courage. I have had the opportunity to work in collaborative environments before, but Gibbons offers an educator the gift of collaboration informed by the Holy Spirit.


Be sure to check back with us in March!

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