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Treasured Family Ring Passes to the Next Generation

Junior Carly Casas receives her family ring during Junior Mass.

Junior Carly Casas receives her family ring from Head of School Jeff Bell during Junior Mass. (Photo by Azul Photography)

Image of junior Carly Casas in the chapel.

When you first see the onyx ring adorning Gibbons junior Carly Casas’ left hand, you can tell it’s vintage. It’s chic and classic — the kind of jewelry you can rarely find in a store today. 

What you don’t know immediately is that it has unexpectedly become a family heirloom. 

The treasured ring was purchased by Frances Clark’s (Wertis) parents when she was a junior at Cardinal Gibbons. She lovingly passed it down to her niece Sidney Fox, a 2000 Gibbons graduate. 

As time ticked closer to Carly’s own Junior Mass ceremony, Sidney decided she would like to continue the tradition and share it with her cousin. 

“She was thrilled when I told her,” Sidney said. “And it was so much more meaningful to know she’ll have a family ring.” 

Image of Carly Casas' onyx ring.

Carly Casas shows off the onyx ring that was once owned by her aunt and cousin. 

For Fran, Carly’s godmother, watching the ring continue to have new life brings her joy. 

“It makes me really happy that a piece of my mom and dad who are deceased is with Carly,” she said. “When I picked out the ring I remember thinking it was really classic, that it would always be pretty.” 

Carly is honored to be the latest owner of that ring that she says is a beautiful family connector. 

“It’s so much more special because it has all this history behind it,” she said. “I’m really happy and grateful to share something that’s been passed down. It has more significance than a new ring ever could.”