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Sign the Diocesan COVID-19 Waiver (required) 

The Diocese is requiring a COVID-19 waiver for every student this school year. Please log in to Final Forms to complete the waiver. 

Share Your COVID-19 Vaccination Status (optional) 

We are tracking our campus vaccination rate by giving students and staff the option to provide proof of vaccination.  Please note, Gibbons is not requiring COVID-19 vaccination. 

In order to better plan for contact tracing and campus activities, parents can upload their student's vaccine card by logging in to their secure Final Forms account. Please note, students cannot upload their vaccine card.


  1. Make sure the vaccine card is saved as a DOC, PDF, JPEG or PNG file.
  2. Log in to FinalForms:
  3. Select the "Documents" folder icon. 
  4. Go to "Choose File" and select the vaccine card file.
  5. Once you see the file has been successfully uploaded. You can close the window and log out of FinalForms.

Watch: Uploading Student Vaccine Card to Final Forms