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Wendy Healy learns to adapt hands-on labs during the pandemic

Editor’s Note: It's been almost a year since Cardinal Gibbons transitioned to distance and hybrid learning due to the coronavirus pandemic. In that time the obstacles have been formidable. But in true Gibbons spirit, our school community faced the challenge head-on and through ingenuity, perseverance, and courage has re-imagined the way teaching and learning takes place during these unprecedented times. We asked educators about their experience since last March. Each day for the next several days we will share one educator’s experience with you in this new series, Lessons Learned. Today, we continue the series with Science Educator Wendy Healy, above.

Q: Looking back, how have you grown as an educator? 

A: I have learned to adapt and continue to be flexible both when developing assignments and interacting with students.

Q: What new teaching strategies do you use now that you didn't know or use last spring? 

A: I used quite a bit of technology in my classes prior to the pandemic, but there were new systems and new ways of using old systems that I have now used (ex: Padlet).

Q: What are you most proud of that you have accomplished, learned, or adapted to? 

A: I have increased my ability to adapt hands-on lab activities to things students can complete from home. Sometimes this was switching from lab supplies to household supplies, and sometimes it was finding a virtual lab they could complete online.

Q: What skills and/or strategies will you continue to use when we are not in hybrid/distance learning that will improve teaching and learning in your courses?

A: This experience has forced me to explore even more virtual labs that I could integrate into my classroom when we all return. Having a larger library to pull from helps keep class activities interesting and new.

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