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 Mosaic-Freshman Retreat

Mosaic Retreats consist of a variety of games, team-building activities, skits, prayer, and reflection to help you build relationships with students, educators, and God as you start your Gibbons Journey. 

Prism-Sophomore Retreat

Prism Retreats help you to see who you are and who God created you to be through a variety of games, prayer, reflection, and an element of service so that we can continue to serve our wider community in a safe way. 

Quest-Junior Retreat

Quest Retreats challenge Juniors to consider who they are and where they currently are on the journey of life. They are challenged to transform their simple journey into a Quest for a deeper, more meaningful existence with God and others. Quest consists of witness talks, prayer services, small group sharing, and a variety of games.

Kairos- Senior Retreat

Kairos is a 1-day Ignatian retreat that focuses on one's relationships with God, others and self. A mix talks, small groups and powerful activities that inspire the seniors to reflect on their past and prepare for the future. The word Kairos means “the Lord's time" and teaches retreatants to live in the moment.