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Artificial Intelligence Club

Moderator: Bill Healy


The AI Club is an institution, inclusive of all interest groups, that is designed to change the community through the use of artificial intelligence, whether it be through developing software, assembling hardware, promoting AI inventions, or conducting business with various organizations. This institution strives to be Christ-centered, provide an AI learning platform for its members, lead its members as well as the rest of the Cardinal Gibbons community to success, equip its members for the future (which will be dominated by artificial intelligence), and make the world a better place. However, serving in this institution is a significant time commitment. During Training Season, members will follow a rigorous curriculum, complete assignments, and be expected to pass an End-Of-Training-Season-Assessment to remain members of the club.

Furthermore, during Competition Season and Service Season, members will be expected to complete assigned projects. However, if members take on this commitment diligently and seriously, they will not only have served the community in a Christ-like manner and advanced their STEM skill set, but will also have a 100% guarantee of receiving certificates of completion during the AI Awards Ceremony; awards that recognize leadership and contribution to improving the world will also be given to outstanding members.