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Fishing Club

Mission: Knowledge, Catch, Release.

 Goals of the Club

  • Get more students and educators interested in fishing.

  • Educate students and educators about fishing techniques, conservation and the environment.

  • Build community among students and educators.

  • Plan to meet once every two weeks

We plan to accomplish these goals by:

  • Doing after school classroom presentations to all who are interested on fishing techniques for various fish species.

    • Inviting guest speakers from Bass Pro Shop and well as fishing environmental experts and professionals from the North Carolina Wildlife commission.

  • Taking some field trips where all members would be invited to take part.

    • Possible to local ponds, lakes or rivers.

  • Service:

    • Doing some pond or stream cleanups.

    • Inviting guest educators to be involved.

    • Teaching new members how to fish.

Moderator: Mr. Mike Curatolo