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Robotics Club

The Gibbons Robotics Club welcomes all students interested in programming, modeling, designing, and building robots to promote STEM initiatives in the community.

Founded in 2008, the club continues to grow today and has two active teams 2901 - Purple Gears and 11588 - Carpe Diem. Members work collaboratively to construct robots that perform challenging tasks on a unique obstacle course each season as part of FIRST Tech Challenge.  These challenges require the students to design, manufacture, assemble, program, and drive robots to perform tasks both autonomously using vision and other sensors as well as under driver control.

Experience is not required to participate, only a positive attitude and a willingness to learn!

Purple Gears name above Robot facing forward holding a wrench like a sword in the left hand and a Gibbons logo shield in the other hand.                       Carpe Diem Text underneath Laurel wreaths wrapping around an ancient building with three long steps, pillars and a triangle roof

  • PTC Onshape professional modeling software 

  • 3D printer 

  • ShopBot Desktop for cutting Lexan parts

  • Milling machine

  • Metal Cutting Lathe


Outreach includes visits to NC schools, Museums and Libraries schools. It will vary during the season.  We also run a summer camp for Middle School students.  Additionally, the Onshape Parts library which we maintain has nearly 7000 subscribers and has been referenced nearly ¾ million times.


Moderator: Diane Ripollone

Coaches: John Toebes, Mary Ellen Toebes, Chris Peratrovich, John Nicholson, Margaret Toebes (team founder/CGHS alumna), and Sean Greene (Robotics Alumni)


Location: Makerspace, room 120

3 to 5 p.m Tuesday & Thursday 

10 a.m. to 1 p.m Saturday