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Student spots include the front lot and parallel spaces at the Edwards Mill Road entrance. 

Cost: Parking passes are $50 for the 2023-24 school year.

Student Parking Policies

  • Students must apply and receive approval to park on campus. 

  • Approved student drivers will receive notification in July to select their assigned spot. 

  • Students may not park in educator, visitor, and handicapped spaces. If a student needs to use a handicapped space, they must contact the Dean of Students office.

  • Failure to park appropriately could result in parking privileges being revoked. 

  • Parking on campus without a permit will impact future parking eligibility. Repeated offenses may warrant additional consequences, including after school detention. 

  • Students should not park in adjacent parking areas near the school, including closeby business lots. 

  • Gibbons does not permit the decoration/painting of parking spaces. 

Parking Passes

We aim to accommodate as many student drivers as possible while maintaining a safe parking environment. 

Keep in mind, there are more eligible drivers than there are student parking spaces on campus. Parking passes are approved based on seniority.