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Student Parking

Student parking policies

  • Students must apply and receive approval to park on campus. 
  • Approved student drivers may park in the student lot and parallel spaces on the Edwards Mill Road entrance. 
  • Students may not park in educator, visitor, and handicap spaces. 
  • Failure to park appropriately could result in parking privileges being revoked. 
  • Parking on campus without a permit will impact future parking eligibility. 

Parking Pass Requirements 

Our goal is to accommodate as many student drivers as possible while maintaining a safe parking environment. 

Keep in mind, there are more eligible drivers than there are student parking spaces. Parking passes are approved based on seniority and carpool preferences. 

  • Current driver’s license (permits are not acceptable)
  • Rising junior or senior
  • Access to a vehicle to drive to campus. Students should know they will be driving to school most of the time.

Please wait to apply if you do not meet all of these requirements.