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Impact in Action: Fine Arts

Impact in Action: Fine Arts

Aaron Brown brings joy, passion, reverence, and beauty to his music students daily. 

A relatively new Cardinal Gibbons Fine Arts educator, Aaron believes rehearsal is the most essential part of the musical journey, where transformative, beautiful, breakthrough moments happen. 

“Being around music daily and watching students open up to new experiences brings me so much joy," Brown said. I love the lightbulb moment when a student can work through something on their own and hear and sing the music as I hear it. 

“As a music educator, I appreciate the benefit of time and the opportunity to see a student progress through 4 years of music education.”

The Vocal Music program includes three active ensembles, which perform during All-School Mass celebrations as part of the school’s Music Ministry.

Our donors recognize that music is a valued experience. It can be done alone and in a group setting. Learning music is like learning a new language and allows our students to collaborate and build confidence. These skills translate beyond the stage. 

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