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Impact in Action: Learning Support

Impact in Action: Learning Support

Beginning during the 2022-2023 school year, Cardinal Gibbons hired Learning Specialist Jeanine Qualliotine to work directly with students and educators. Thanks to the generosity of donors, learning support offers a tutoring program twice a week in math, science, and Spanish. 

Supplementing the work of the classroom educators, these tutors combine their subject-area expertise with strategies most useful for students with a diagnosed learning difference. The result is students who feel increasingly more confident in their abilities. 

“In life, when we feel confident, everything is possible. The opposite is also true," said an anonymous donor. "Making a donation to support the Gibbons Learning Support program is a terrific investment in our children and their confidence and self-esteem.”

Learning support at Cardinal Gibbons looks like students, subject area tutors, the learning specialist, educators, and parents working together to support student learning. Donors like you provide more lightbulb moments for our students. 

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