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Impact in Action: Professional Development

Impact in Action: Professional Development

Educator Taylor Blanton has taught history and social studies to Cardinal Gibbons students since 2010. He brings history to life by leading an annual student trip to Europe. 

Cardinal Gibbons gave him the opportunity to grow that program by encouraging him to seek professional development opportunities to connect him with leading scholars, writers, and researchers. 

“Support for educators pursuing professional development allows teachers to not only maintain their craft, but also to experience the best in education, their field, teaching methodologies, and authentic assessment," Blanton said. 

“Teachers bring that back to Gibbons; so in sending one teacher to a professional development program, you are sending every student.”

Learning happens in more than just our classrooms. Donors like you provide professional development to help our educators strengthen the connection between school and experiential learning. 

Whether you are talking about a retreat at Short Journey or 10 days in Europe, students apply their learning wherever life takes them. 

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